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Hidden Message Behind Camel Cigarette Logo

There are many reports that the logo on the Camel cigarette pack has a hidden image like a naked man. Is this true? Or is there another meaning behind it?

Camel Cigarette Subliminal Logo

Camel is one of the largest white cigarette producers in the world. This cigarette is very iconic with its camel logo. Here is one testimony from someone who has seen it:

“The camel logo printed on each package is an American icon, part of the country’s history since 1913. Pay attention to the camel’s front legs. There was a little man standing at the front foot, looking to the right, his hand on his right hip, elbows extended to the side. His facial features were defined, like his erect and protruding genitals in front of him. The male figure in the front leg of the Camel turns out to be a con artist, which is very different from the one shown in years in Camel advertisements when the symbolic hero camps in the wilderness, a loner, a man who is free from the obstacles and obligations of civilization”.



Many people claim to see the man at the camel’s foot facing to the left, with his erection drawn as light where the camel’s feet meet the body.

Others see him facing right, with his elbows behind him. (Those who see Mae West in the same picture say he is facing left with his body turning right – by looking back, in other words.)


Does this man really exist? The answer depends on the people: some will see it, some will not. Just as clouds in the summer sky take on meaningful forms for those who study them, so strange lines and shadows in almost all images can interpret meanings that were never intended by artists.

The curves and lines used to turn flat art into more natural-looking images are often read as containing hidden images by those seeking hidden influence (as Procter and Gamble discovered when he began to fight Satanism’s rumors of curls in the beard of the century. – trademarked ‘man in the moon’ which “knowers know” as 666, a sign of the devil).

Camel Cigarette Logo Theory

The excitement about subliminal advertising began with the publication of The Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard in 1957 but did not really take off until James Vicary published many of his claims about the power of hidden images.

Without going too deep into it, the key concept of subconscious advertising is the idea that hidden stimuli pass silently through the door of perception, remain undetected in our minds, then exert an influence on our impulses.

Whatever hidden images – intentional or not – that have been incorporated into package designs or product advertisements have not been proven to have a considerable effect on consumer buying habits.

Sex may be a selling right, but if the eyes and minds of consumers do not receive the message, the message will not be followed up. In other words, all the naked little men who waved in the world would not sell products if they existed only as lines that were practically indescribable etched on the camel’s feet.

In addition to pregnant women and virility theory, Camel cigarettes chose dromedary as its symbol because the only desert ship available for sketching was the one softener called Old Joe.


The Camel brand comes with an unusual name and romantic packaging because of the era’s mania for all things Egyptian.

Camels and pyramids are a picture of Egypt that is pure and thus full of mystery, but it is not only the allure of distant places that attract people – in Victorian symbology, things that are closely related to death in Egypt.

Such drawings also relate to the empire and power, especially since Napoleon’s dismissal of the Nile. The pyramids had influenced the whole tomb and imperial design school, so it didn’t make sense that they would influence an innovative brand of new cigarettes.

Compared to the current cigarette package design, the Camel logo looks very exotic. Perhaps the speculation about naked men on cigarette packs comes from comparing the appearance of Camel cigarette art decoration with forms that are simpler and more efficient than other brands today.


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