Holy Smoking Crab

This is not the first cigarette-smoking crab to “delight” the Internet with its degradation. You can find many images of crabs “smoking cigarettes” on the popular crab Tumblr “Crabs with cigarettes.”

This page glamorizes the image of crabs—clearly manipulated, in many cases, by human intervention—smoking cigarettes. (There is also a subreddit dedicated to these photos.)

This popular YouTube clip is similarly manipulated to push our deadly habit upon our sexually dimorphic friends:



Yes, these crabs look cool as hell. Yes, they are sexy. But what of the longterm effects? What of the disease—the death?

You might think, “Yes, it is a funny joke to put a cigarette into a crab’s claw as if he is ‘smoking’ the cigarette, but have any crabs really picked up the habit? Is there any evidence that this has caused real change in crab smoking habits, beyond that filthy Philadelphia crab who, no doubt, would be on a dangerous path no matter what images he was subjected to while surfing the Internet?”


I don’t have any more evidence.

Do you? If you do, please leave your pictures of crabs with cigarettes in the comments.


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