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Marlboro Black Review

Marlboro Filter Black

Continuing from my previous review about Magnum Filter Black Cigarette, I am still on my search to find a good cigarette to move on from Magnum. 3 butts of Magnum dried my lips well.

My lips seems like I havent had any water for three days, it was so dry. I asked my friend for any recommendation and then voila! I met this beautiful cigarette named Marlboro Filter Black.

Black Marlboro Cigarettes

Marlboro Black Review

My favorite color is black and yellow, so I personally pick a cigarette based on the packaging first. It’s very personal matters but I am more into color kind of person.

Well, the Marlboro Filter Black packaging impressed me so much. The blending of red and black colour surely gives elegance aura to this cigarette.

Marlboro Kretek Filter
Marlboro Filter Black Cigarettes

It seems that this Marlboro Black wants to offer the taste of elegance in a butt of cigarette.

This Marlboro cigarette is produced by PT. H.M Sampoerna, the indonesian famous cigarette company, in 2016. PT. HM. Sampoerna, Tbk is owned by Philip Morris International (Philip Morris USA).

This kretek Marlboro is Philip Morris first attempt on manufacturing clove cigarette under the Marlboro brands.

Buy Marlboro Cigarettes


This cigarette has 2 kind of packaging with the same design but the number of cigarettes inside is different.

Some of them are filled by 20 butts cigarette, and the rest is 12 cigarette.

Marlboro Filter Black
Marlboro Kretek Filter

The price in Indonesia is very friendly to me because for 20 butts cigarette package, it’s only Rp. 23.000 – Rp. 25.000 (2019) depends on the place you buy it. Compare to Marlboro Reds which is almost Rp. 35.000,- each packs.

The other cigarette packaging which consists of 12 cigarette butts is priced about Rp. 13.000 – Rp. 14.000.

I bought the one with 12 cigarette butts because it suits my pocket well since I am still a virgin to this black Marlboro.

Black Marlboro Cigarette Review
Black Marlboro Cigarette Review, image:

Marlboro Black Taste

When I opened the cigarette pack, the smells of a thousand herbs and spices inside the cigarette started to attack my nose.

I smell a scent of cherry, a little bit sweet scent of lollipop, and also clove.

Marlboro Clove Cigarettes
Marlboro Filter Black Clove Cigarettes

Among all the herbs and spices scent, those three are the strongest smell from a butt of Marlboro Filter Black.

The design of this Marlboro cigarette is quite unique though. It is impossible to find filter design that as complex as this cigarette.

Marlboro Filter Blacks
Marlboro Filter Blacks, image:

The grey filter tip with a variation of red line embraced my eyes to taste this sweet-scented cigarette.

The one that I should tell you is the filter itself. It is different.

Look at the filter. Can you find any cigarette that has that kind of filter?

It has a hole in the middle of the filter. On the side of the circle, the filter is so hard, unlike any common filter that we see.

Filtered Black Marlboro
Filter on black Marlboro, image:

On the end of the circle in the middle, there is a soft filter that can absorb the harm from cigarette smoke. This feature a smooth flow filter and automatic proseal to keep the cigarettes fresh.

Hard to say.

This complex-designed filter is purposed to make smoker inhale the cigarette smoke easily.

When I lit the cigarette and inhaled the smoke. The filter did its work. It seems the filter didn’t break the taste of the tobacco.

Marlboro Filter Black Review
Black Marlboro

I can feel the taste of clove, and the harsh of its tobacco. Well, it is harsh if I must say.

You could cough if you are a first timer. But the sweetness of the filter plus the taste of the tobacco sure heals the harshness of its smoke.

Most importantly, this cigarette is not as heavy as Magnum Filter Black.

Marlboro Filter Black Reviews
image: eReXTV

Also, I forget to mention that Marlboro Filter Black is not like the usual Marlboro. It has been modified into clove cigarette.

So I must say that the only thing that the usual Marlboro has from this cigarette is only its logo and symbol, the rest is different.

Overall, I must say that this Marlboro Filter Black could be my alternative to Magnum Filter Black. I just have to adapt its harsh smoke to love this cigarette.

Marlboro Black Review
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Marlboro Black Review
Well, the Marlboro Black packaging impressed me so much. The blending of red and black colour surely gives elegance aura to this Marlboro Filter Black cigarette.
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