“Honor and Splendor” (2004) by Xu Bing

Here is another story from a creator who is inspired by the existence of cigarettes and turns them into art.

It is Xu Bing, a Chinese artist whose works have been influential around the world. He is notable for his printmaking skills and installation art.

His work is filled with exploration of the language system, as well as globalization and intercultural understanding in society, characterized by deep thinking and various breakthroughs.

Thought and Method (2004) is Xu Bing first exhibition in Southeast Asia. One of his works entitled “Honor and Splendor” uses cigarettes as the object.

The inspiration for this artwork emerged when Xu Bing was living in Durham, a ‘tobacco city’ as well as a place for cancer research.

There are 660.000 cigarettes used to deliver Xu Bing’s idea regarding his search on the history and economic aspects of tobacco.

The installation portrays the questions related to the health issues and laborers in cigarette industry.

If you are interested to attend the exhibition and see Xu Bing’s “Honor and Splendor” and his other artworks, you can come to Museum Macan, Jakarta. The exhibition is opened from August 31st 2019 – January 12th 2020.

Here are some pictures of Xu Bing’s “Honor and Splendor” (2004). Enjoy!


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