Smokers love to smoke hookah because it seems that they get different smoking sensation than when they are smoking a traditional cigarette.

Does it true? To answer this question, you need to read the information below. This article explains about the hookah in detail from the basic things you must know until the specific things including the health facts.

What Hookah Is

What is Hookah? It becomes the basic question recently asked by new users. Hookah is a smoking kit that offers a new way of smoking. When you are smoking hookah it means you are smoking with a water jar with hose and charcoal.

How about the ingredients? The main ingredient is the same as a traditional cigarette in which both of them are using tobacco. What makes the ingredient difference is that hookah is using water and charcoal.

The Great Sensation of Smoking Hookah

Smokers also ask about the sensation of smoking hookah. To answer this question, you need to lean the hookah flavors. Unlike a traditional cigarette, you can smoke hookah with a variety of flavors.

For example, you are able to smoke hookah with apple, pineapple guava, banana Montana, orange, and many more. For those who are also coffee lovers, you can also try to smoke hookah with coffee flavor.

Some people said that they smoke hookah for medication by choosing hookah with herbs and molasses flavors. It is okay if you don’t want to try those flavors because you can go back to the original flavor. Just put tobacco without adding any flavoring and you will get a similar sensation just like smoking a tobacco cigarette.

Steps to Smoke Hookah

You have to buy the hookah kit before smoking. It looks more complicated, but it is worth it to try. There are several hookah smoke steps you have to follow so you can really feel the sensation.

In this case, you have to install the hookah properly and make sure that there is no leak on it. Read the instruction carefully while installing the parts. The parts that included on the package are including a water jar, hose, plate, tobacco bowl, and charcoal. You may buy the charcoal and flavoring separately.


Next, fill the water jar with around 250 ml or 8.5 oz water. It is better to use cold water. Screw on the stem and attach the hose and make sure that the parts have been installed properly and perfectly just like what you read in the manual.

Put tobacco into the bowl and warm the bowl with foil. You may try to cover it with 9 layers of foil. When it is ready, poke small holes in the foil. The number of the holes is up to you but for the best sensation of smoking hookah tobacco, you can poke around 30 to 50 holes.

Ignite the charcoals and wait until you don’t see any sparks from the charcoal. You can start to use charcoal when it turns red and hot. The point is that you don’t need to burn the charcoal for too long.

Put the hot charcoal at the top of the foil and wait for a few minutes. When the hookah is hot, you are ready to smoke it. This is the same as the hookah definition that you are smoking with a tool known as hookah.

The Price of Hookah

Due to the tools need to use while smoking hookah, smokers are curious about the hookah prices. Actually, buying hookah is much easier and faster nowadays because you can buy it online from some reputable online stores.

The price is various and you can get it starts from $11.99 to $35.00 or more. The price depends on the quality of the materials and the design. The best thing you can do is comparing the prices at the online stores and get the best one just like what you want and based on your budget.

Hookah for Health

Some people believe that hookah is the same as traditional cigarettes. Both of them are using tobacco and produce smoke. That’s why people think that hookah effects are bad, especially for health.

Tobacco contains over 7.000 toxic chemicals including nicotine. If you ask is hookah addictive? The answer might be yes due to the ingredient. The nicotine in tobacco makes smokers addictive to hookah just like when you are smoking a traditional cigarette.

There is also a question from a religious perspective in which people ask is hookah haram or not. Actually, there are pros and cons and it depends on which country you live in.

In some countries, hookah is limited and managed strictly by the government due to health effects. In other countries, hookah is allowed and you can smoke it freely anywhere you want. Even, you can go to a specific lounge where you can order a package of hookah.

How about the question does hookah get you high? Although it might be addicted hookah doesn’t make you high. It is not like smoking marijuana that makes you high in a short period of time.

In fact, the main ingredient is only water, tobacco, and flavoring. What you get from a smoking hookah is the flavor. Because of the cool sensation and flavor, smoking hookah might make you relaxed.

The point is that there are side effects you have to face such as high blood pressure, lung cancer, breath problem, stroke, and many others. The best way to reduce the risk is by controlling the smoking frequency. It is better not to smoke hookah too much otherwise there will be a lot of nicotine inside of your lung.


Smoking hookah is a trend among young people. They want to explore something new and unique. Hookah is unique because it smokes tobacco with a specific kit.

Moreover, you can also add a specific flavor to give a different sensation. Does smoking hookah is the best way of smoking? Actually, it is not because some smokers don’t really like smoking hookah and choose another smoking method.

You also still have to consider the health side effects because hookah is using tobacco in which it consists of a variety of toxic chemicals that can harm your body.


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