How To Avoid Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking

Are you concerned about weight gain after quitting smoking? Many people are, and unfortunately some are so concerned with this issue that they allow this concern to keep them from actually quitting smoking.

While weight gain is a health issue, it’s usually better overall to risk a few extra pounds than it is keep smoking.

Quitting Smoking

Typically the body can handle the health risks of ten or twenty pounds better than it can the nicotine, tar, and thousands of poisons and toxins that are contained in cigarettes.

Of course, ideally it would be better if you could avoid weight gain after quitting smoking altogether!

To that end, let’s discuss a few ways you can prepare yourself for this and can avoid those pounds when you quit smoking.

Avoid Weight Gain

For one thing, remember that weight gain after quitting smoking isn’t a “given.” You don’t need to just give in to the idea that there’s nothing you can do about the cravings or the urge to eat to make up for not having cigarettes, anymore than you need to give in to the increased cases of obesity that are cropping up around the world.

To avoid weight gain after quitting smoking, you need to make a plan, prepare to face the reasons why others gain weight, and make sure you have some ideas in mind for facing these issues.

Yes, it will take work and determination but that work will be worth it when you’re a nonsmoker that has also managed to maintain a healthy weight.

Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking

So to avoid weight gain after quitting smoking, be prepared for cravings and for the urge to reach for something, anything, to put into your mouth when you start to think about cigarettes.

Unfortunately many people reach for junk food, sugary foods, or something else that is just going to pack on the pounds.

Instead, prepare to fill your refrigerator and pantry with fresh fruit, low-fat popcorn, and vegetables you can eat raw with some dips like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, and so on.

Vegetables Weight Gain

You can avoid weight gain after quitting smoking if you watch what you eat since many people have a hard time watching how much they eat during this time.

If you must have something sweet or something salty, look for reduced calorie or low-fat items such as reduced calorie ice cream or baked potato chips.

Another consideration when it comes to avoiding weight gain after quitting smoking is to keep yourself busy and active.

This has two benefits – it keeps you from obsessing about cigarettes and can also stave off those extra pounds.

You don’t need to start running marathons, but you can avoid weight gain after quitting smoking if you just start walking regularly or join a league of some sort.

Plan on spending active time with the kids – take them to the park and toss a ball around or go bike riding. If you do these things, you can definitely avoid weight gain after quitting smoking.


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