How To Buy A Tobacco Pipe

Buying tobacco pipe for the beginner is not easy, except if just want to have a tobacco pipe for smoking.

But for a person who really want to smoke pipe tobacco, and looking for the right and suitable tobacco pipe, sometimes it is a little problem how to choose the right one.

Choosing Tobacco Pipe

In the tobacco pipe shops they have so many brands and type of pipes, and also vary in price. Yes indeed, that is a challenging process to get a suitable tobacco pipe, even for experienced pipe smoker sometimes will be facing the same problem even though they are already have an experienced after learning the hard way.

In the tobacco pipe market there is a two main category of tobacco pipe; new pipe and estate pipe. A new pipe is a brand new tobacco pipe that coming from a distributors or importers, that pipe is un-smoked and never sold before. While the estate pipe is second hand or pre-owned.

If you choose the estate pipe, sometimes it’s get an opportunity to get a very good pipe.  Or pipe produces by pipe artisans with the price lower that brand new or un-smoked pipe.

Tobacco Pipe For Beginner

But when you buy the estate pipe, you should properly clean and sterilized the pipe with any potable alcohol.

Sometimes the estate pipe prices more expensive than the new pipe, especially for the antique and pipe produced by artisans or a quality factory/high output handmade pipe that products already discontinue like from Becker y Musicò.

Tobacco Pipe Shop

Pipe Shops

For tobacco pipe collectors, an artisan pipe product likes from Tom Eltang, Rainer Barbi, H. Tokutomi, K. Gotoh, Roman Kovalev, Polo Becker, etc. sometimes is like a dreaming to have one or more.

That is why, even the pipe in the category estate pipe, the price sometimes still expensive enough. The new pipe that also at the hot position in the market is an Alfred Dunhill pipe; this is because Dunhill no longer continue their products after they stop since 2018.

And now you can choose the shape of the pipe that suitable for you.


There are so many shapes and variations on shape of tobacco pipe in the market, talented artisans create more shape every day.  But there are a common and classic shapes that you can selected for your own.

Many type of pipe shape

Let’s say there are two category of pipe that is defined by the course of the smoke channel. These are; straight and bent or curve.  The straight pipe is a pipe that from the body of bowl or called as stummel and the mouthpiece or stem are straight without any bent or curve, so the smoke channel is straight away from the tobacco bowl into the button or the end of the stem (mouthpiece). While a bent pipe is a pipe that the stummel already bent or curve from the bowl to the shank, and the stem also in the curve shape.

The stem have three category of shape; Tapered, saddle, and combination. While the stem curvatures are; straight, slightly bent (semi-straight, half bent), and bent.

The shape of tobacco pipe due to the simple category is: Standard Canadian, Dublin, Pot, Poker, Lovat, Apple straight, Billard, Bulldog, Zulu, Prince, Bent Bulldog, Round Bent, Squat Bulldog, Full Bent, Bent, Churchwarden, etc.

Then, you can select which shape of tobacco pipe that suitable for you. And finally is a price of the pipe itself.

If you want to purchase the tobacco pipe from the online store, you should find first the information of the pipe that you want to buy, the description of the pipe, shape, and brands.  And then you will choose the right Online Store, and you already understand with their terms and condition for purchase, so you can order the pipe.

There many prime quality of tobacco pipe selling on the Online Store.  You can select the type, shape and bands of the pipe.  To make easy, there are some brands of pipe available at the Online Store.  The brands i.e.; Stanwell, Falcon, Peterson, Chacom, Comoy, Savinelly, Missouri Meerschaum, Charatan, Castello, etc.


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