How to Enjoy Your Cigarettes

The price of cigarettes is getting expensive time to time, smoking ban happens every time and everywhere, smoking itself has a lot of risk, so every cigarette counts.

When you decide to smoke cigarettes, make sure you know how to enjoy them. Here we would like to share you some steps how to enjoy your cigarettes.

Especially for you, the beginner, you must need this information.

Choose the Right Cigarette

Start with picking the right cigarette brand for you. You can start with the light or ultra-light cigarette types, then the regular ones.

You will get a better experience as you slowly notice the increased of nicotine level and the fuller flavors. You can try clove, menthol or flavored cigarettes as well for variation.

Since taste is very likely subjective, you need to try by yourself which brands that come the best for you. There some related popular brands, such as Marlboro, Camel, and Lucky Strike.

How To Enjoy Cigarette

Pack the Cigarette

To take your cigarette out of the packaging, you need to pack the box. Smack the pack filter-side down onto your palm rapidly for about 20 seconds.

Packing your cigarettes will tighten the tobacco in each cigarette, in which resulting in a slower burning cigarette.

However, apparently this cannot be applied for every brand. For instance, American Spirit substantively suggests unpacking their cigarette by rolling it between fingers, filter to end, until about a pinch of tobacco comes out from the paper. 

Fire Smoke With Lighter

Use a Good Lighter

I bet, when you read the word ‘a good lighter’, you will come at Zippo! Yes, even the classic series come with such a good quality.

Slightly it doesn’t have relation with the way you enjoying your cigarette—yeah, as long as your lighter can lit your high quality cigarette, so what?

But do you know that your cigarette will taste different with a higher quality cigarette lighter?

You will cherish your lighter as well if it has good quality. To light your cigarette, hold the filter end of the cigarette on your lips. Ignite the lighter to the other end of cigarette and hold the flame.

Then slowly inhale the smoke into your mouth.

Lighting A Lighter

Smoke the Cigarette

First of all, make sure that you are in your spare time so you will have an enjoyable smoking experience without getting interrupted. Sit back, relax, and smoke your cigarette.

To smoke your cigarette, put the lit cigarette on your lips. Suck the smoke slow and steady with a long intake into your lungs.

Hold the smoke for a second while drawing air into your lungs by inhaling normally through your mouth before you exhale.

Simply just breathe normally. This method is believed to reduce mouth cancer. Do not do “bum buffing” or exhaling the smoke in your mouth quickly. It will taste worse than a usual inhale.

Smoke The Cigarette

Do not forget to ash your cigarette properly. To ash your cigarette, tap the cigarette lightly on the ashtray or anywhere that safe then shake the cigarette quickly with your fingers (but do not be too aggressive, okay?).

Please always mind your own cigarette butt after you finish smoking.

Those are some tips to enjoy your cigarette. Keep in mind to always smoking responsibly. Do not point or gesture someone or something while you are talking with the hand you use for holding cigarette.

Besides it is considered as impolite, the ash of the cigarette might be spread out everywhere. Moreover, if you are in someone else’s property, ask them for permission whether you can smoke or not to show your respect for them.

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