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How to Inhale Properly When Vaping

For people who are new to vape, they might not know exactly the proper way of inhling vape. Check this article to know the correct way to inhale properly when vaping from Smok Nord 4 or other vaping devicces.

Knowing the technique of inhaling is vital. If you try vape for the first time, the way you inhale your vape can make or break your impression of vaping.

If you inhale incorrectly, you will end up coughing and make a mess. That being said, you eed to know the correct technique of inhaling your vape correctly.

In general, there are two types of way to inhale vape properly: direct-lung and mouth-to-lung. Each technique has their own ideal type of vape.



Mouth-to-lung or MTL fits perfectly with high resistance coils which use high nicotine. When you inhale from those devices using MTL, it would feel tight. This way of inhaling create low vapor and gives off a strong sensation to your throat that may smokers prefer. The way to do MTL is written below:

  1. Slowly inhale vapor into your mouth for a few moments
  2. Hold the vapor that you just inhale in your closed mouth
  3. Open mouth and breathe in slowly the vapor to your lungs
  4. Exhale after you feel the vapor in your lungs

Direct lung

The DL or direct lung inhaling technique is suitable for larger vapes with low resistance coils, using low nicotine. Instead of tight, when you use this technique, it will feel smooth and easy. The steps to do DL is explained below:

  1. Quickly inhale vapor directly to your lungs
  2. Exhale vapor almost immediately


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