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How to Light a Cigarette

When you just turn legal and want to try to smoke cigarette but you don’t have any clue how to do it; here is the right place to find out.

Smoking is not only about burning the tobacco, but it’s about how to enjoy it. To have a fully enjoyable experience of smoking, you need to do the right steps.

Simply like the technique to suck you cigarette, the way to hold cigarette, and also the way to light a cigarette. This time, let’s focus on the trick of how to light your cigarette. Keep on reading!

How To Light A Cigarette

Using a Disposable Lighter

Fire Smoke With Lighter

Firstly, put a cigarette in your lips. If you smoke filtered cigarette, ensure the filter end is in your mouth (the filter area usually has different color with the rest of cigarette body).

If you smoke no filter cigarette, it’s not a problem to smoke from one of the two ends. Hold the part of the cigarette near your lips by your fingers (index finger and thumb, or index and middle finger).

Next with your other hand, take your disposable lighter and create a flame. Hold your lighter with your thumb positioned on the spark-wheel.

Lighting A Lighter

Flick your thumb down while holding onto the button with your other fingers gripping the lighter body. If the type of your lighter is the button one, you can just press the button to create the flame.

After succeeding to create the flame, you can immediately bring the tip of your cigarette into it. Let the flame burn your cigarette while you are inhaling to make the air enters the cigarette.

Once the cigarette is lit, you can turn off the lighter.

Using Matches


Take a stick of your matches from the box or book, and drag it against the striker provided on the side of the match box or on the back of the match book.

Once the flame is appeared, bring the match to the tip of your cigarette and let the flame lit it. You can put your other hand to block the wind so the flame does not go out while inhaling through your cigarette.

If the flame is too small, it is better to blow it up and change it with the new one.

Using Other Methods

Zippo Close Up T20 Jozzjr

Disposable lighters and matches may the most common tool to light your cigarette. It’s quite a problem when you want to smoke but you don’t have or find either one of them. Do not worry! Your desire for smoking still can be fulfilled by finding alternatives. What are they?

  • Grill lighter: as the name implied, is function is actually to ignite a grill, but it can be a good choice to light your cigarette for its quickness. Grill lighters have a long stem and button on it to ignite. Use it the way you use disposable lighter.
  • Gas stove: besides for cooking, you can utilize your gas stove for lighting your cigarette. Turn on your gas stove for a quick time. Carefully place the tip of the cigarette on the fire. Once it is burnt, drag it away from the gas stove and don’t forget to turn off.
  • Tip of other’s lit cigarette: It can be only applied in social situation where you find smokers too. How to do it? Ask the person to lend his/her cigarette to lighting yours. Let the tip of your cigarette touch theirs. Inhale the cigarette from the other end until it is lit.

Those are the tips for you to light your cigarette. Which points have you tried? All of them? Or you may have another alternative to light a cigarette?

Feel free to share your unique story in the comment section below!

Lighting A Cigarette
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Lighting A Cigarette
Simply like the technique to suck you cigarette, the way to hold cigarette, and also this is a trick how to light a cigarette or lighting a cigarette.
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