How To Quit Smoking

Things To Know Before You Just Quit Smoking

There are huge warnings anywhere around this world related to the effects, negative effects, health issues which been caused by smoking cigarettes.

In that time, you might feel a familiar urge to stop smoke. You might already try many ways to stop before and you are not sure enough whether you will be successful at this time.

But, you lived smoke-free in the past and you really can get back of its non-smoker status. So, you always think about how to quit smoking.

There are several tips that lead you to success.

Determine your biggest reason

You can mention all of the reasons why you quit smoking. You might want to please the loved one, lowering the cancer risk and save money.

Now, you just need to focus on that reason for your well-being. If you do it to please others, then your success rate will decrease. The biggest reason to stop it should be yourself.

Rid of anything your smoking goods

You have to rid of your ashtrays, lighters, and pipes or even leftover cigarettes. Ensure that you clear them out of your house, and workplace as well.

You can do it so that those items do not trigger any desire to smoke later.

Set up your quit date

It’s better to prepare around two to four weeks in advance for your quit date which gives yourself the chance to smoke in the last cigarette and create the closure sense.

For the best result, you can choose a meaningful date for you such as anniversary, birthday or holiday.

Start to reduce nicotine intake

You can start to reduce the nicotine use to help your body adjust with this change that can ease the withdrawal symptoms. If you take one cigarette pack in a day, then a few weeks before the quit date you need to cut down generally into a half pack one day.

Therefore, on the date that you quit, then your body will be adjusted to the less nicotine and you do not feel too bad.

You can consult with your doctor

Consulting with your health provider about the aids to stop smoking such as nicotine gums, patches and lozenges can increase your desire to smoke a cigarette.

Create your own strategy
You are able to make your quit plan by outlining on how you will handle those hard challenges and new routines that replace your smoking habits. These tips help you on how to quit smoking.


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