How to Roll Your Own Cigarettes

Rolling Cigarette by Yourself

Sometimes you smoke when you feel bored; some other times, you are bored to smoke. For those who always have urges to try something new, smoking the same cigarettes with the same way may lead to boredom.

If this now happens to you, you may need some refreshment in the way you smoke. Leave you ordinary cigarettes, and try something new.

To taste different flavors from your conventional cigarettes, you can try vape, shisha, cigars, etc.

Roll Your Own Cigarette
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You may also try the new ways of enjoying your tobacco, which is by rolling it by yourself. Rolling cigarette by yourself will give you a new sensation, and probably a new taste—since you can control the type of tobacco and papers as well as the density of the tobacco filled in the paper as you like.

Apparently, through this article we intent to show you a tutorial on how to roll your own cigarette. Stay tuned!

How To Roll Your Own Cigarettes


Choose the right tobacco and rolling papers

First of all, you need to have rolling papers and loose-leaf tobacco. It is essential to choose the right rolling papers ad loose-leaf tobacco to suit your taste.

For rolling papers, it is suggested to use thin rice or wheat-straw paper in a standard or king size; you can buy it online, tobacco shops, or some of the convenience stores in your city. Choose the slowly burnt ones which contain few chemicals additives.

Don’t forget to get your rolling tobacco a protector since it can easily bending and tearing. Meanwhile for the tobacco, choose the tobacco that contains few chemical additives. It can be the plain or flavored ones.

You can get the basic rolling tobacco in many liquor or grocery stores. If you want to have more options, check in some local tobacconists.

How To Roll Your Own Cigarettes – Rolling by Hands


Rolling cigarettes by your own may require some efforts, but that’s not as complicated as you think. You can roll your own cigarettes by using hands through some simple steps.

Firstly, take some tobacco from the pack until it shapes a cigarette in a clean and smooth surface like a book or a clean table. Make sure the compactness is on the right level.

Next, take a sheet of rolling paper and put one end of the rolling paper between your thumb and middle finger.

Hold the paper in the crease with your index finger of the same hand. Use the other hand to adjust the paper into a creased.

Diy Own Cigarette Rolling
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After that, put tobacco on the crease. You can control the thickness of the tobacco as you like, as long as you can make sure that your cigarette can be sealed.

If you plan to use a filter, you can immediately put it or make a space for it so you can fill it in later.

It’s time to roll your cigarette. Hold both ends of the paper by using your thumb and middle finger; unite the two edges of the paper in each end. Make sure the tobacco spread evenly around the paper.

Compress the tobacco and try to roll the paper gently. Fold the edge of the paper into the tobacco crease. Wrap the paper all the way around the tobacco, in the shape of a cigarette, without creasing the bottom of the paper.

Finally, lick and seal the cigarette like sealing an envelope. Trim your cigarette by pinching off any tobacco that sticks out of the ends; It will make your cigarette easier to smoke as well. Twist the tips to completely seal cigarette.

You have completely rolled your cigarette by your hands.

Cigarette Roller Machine
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Rolling by Using Cigarette Roller

Another alternative besides rolling cigarettes by hands is using a cigarette roller. This device will make your job in rolling cigarette easier.

To roll your cigarette by using cigarette roller, first thing first, you have to have a cigarette roller (of course!) The cigarette roller can be found online or at a cigarette shop.


If you have had one, you can open the machine and separate the two rolling cylinders to reveal a cavity, the place where you put your tobacco to be rolled. Then put the tobacco as dense as you like there.

Close the cylinder after it full. A cylinder should move in and out, while another one remains in place. Put the filter right away if you need one into one end of the rolling compartment.

Next, you can start to put the rolling paper into the machine. Insert the non-adhesive side of a rolling paper into the gap between the cylinders.

Pay attention to the top (adhesive) edge of the paper; it should be parallel with the top of the rolling machine.

After that, roll the cylinders toward yourself so that the paper will be pulled into the machine. Leave a little space of the tip of the adhesive to later you lick it in order to make it stick together.

Once the adhesive is wet enough, keep rolling the cylinders to the same direction until you cannot see the paper. Roll the machine a few more times to pack your cigarette tightly. The last step is part the cylinders, and yes, you have finished rolling your cigarette!

That’s the tutorial of rolling your own cigarette. Both are simple, aren’t they?

Which one do you prefer? Rolling by hands or by the help of cigarette roller?


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