How To Smoke A Cigar

How To Smoke A Cigars Like Pro

How To Smoke A Cigar like an expert? For a beginner, smoking cigars can be intimidating for the first. Here is how you can smoke cigars in simple and easy.

Instruction to Smoke cigar

Cigars smoking comes with cutting, toasting, and lighting ritual. First, use cigar cutter to open the head of the cigar (the close end where you put the cigar between the lips).

When you cut the cigar, be careful. If you cut the cigars far down under the seam the whole cigar will unravel.

Second, before the cigars lighten put the cigars into lips and draw it. The cigar should draw in smooth. The lighting ritual is similar to whether it uses a match, cedar spill or butane lighter.

Start to toast the foot of the cigar to prepare to light it. Put the cigar angle into 45 degrees; hold the flame tip directly to the end of the cigar. Do not ever let the flame touch the tobacco. As you toast the cigars start to rotate it gently.

Ensure get the whole circumference smoldering and continue the process until the end when the cigar completely glows and sometimes bursts into flame.

How about the cigars band?

It is recommended to leave the band on. Try to take it off will risk tearing the wrapper. The cigars band also provides comfort point of reference to hold the cigars.

Finally, a cigar band is not only functional but also prestige as it tells other people to brand that you are smoking. A cigar band brand is that you will be proud to show when you are cigars smoker.

Handle the cigars ash

Once the ashes of your cigar reach about an inch of length then discretely tap off it into the ashtray. If you can find ashtray then you can ash into the lawn as the premium cigars are natural so it will not harm the soil or grass. Do not knock the ash down and let it fall on it.

Relight the cigars when it has gone out

As the cigars made hand-rolled without any chemical to make it burn than when the cigars are not puffed and supplied with air the light will eventually go out. If you want to draw your cigar and just so a tiny smoke or have hurry condition to stop smoke then simple dislodge the ash and relight it again when you desire.

It is best to relight the cigars when it is still warm. Remember, smoke a cigar is not inhaled the cigars. With useful tips on how to smoke a cigar, you can smoke confidently.


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