How To Smoke Shisha

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How to smoke shisha? Smoking shisha is different from smoking cigarettes or vapes. It is because you need to use a hose smoke it.

However, this is the reason why people are curious to try smoking shisha besides its fruity flavors.

If this is your first time smoking shisha, here are some tips that you can follow to enjoy it.

Tips On How To Smoke Shisha

First, smoke it slowly. Inhale through the hose with a full breath, but do it with a normal speed.

Strong inhale will only overheat the shisha so that all you taste is a burning flavor.

In order to avoid overheating condition or shisha drunk the first time you smoke it, wait around a minute to 2 minutes between every breath.

Drink enough water before you smoke shisha or hookah. You are able to drink water or a cup of mint tea in order to keep your mouth moisturized. If you don’t, you will not be able to taste the fruity shisha smoke.

How To Smoke Hookah
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Moreover, eat some snacks such as bread or dried fruits when you are smoking hookah. If you are a beginner, you are suggested to smoke hookah only a bowl per day. And do not work out right before or after smoking hookah.

Most hookah bowls last for around 30 minutes to 45 minutes. But the quality of shisha smoke will decrease if the equipment is at poor quality or if you smoke it too fast.

So, move the charcoals every 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Tap with a clamp so that the ashes fall out, then turn the side attached to the foil.

If the hookah smoke gets out from the bowl before you inhale, put aside the charcoals and let the hookah cools down.

hookah introduction

If you want to explore and taste new hookah flavors, you can add other fillings to the base of your hookah. You are able to add grapes, fruit juices, flavor extracts, dried fruits, or mint leaves to the water.

If you use liquid, you can use any ways. From pouring a little bit drops or change the entire liquid with flavored juices or liquids. Besides tasting new flavors, try to explore different shisha tobacco.

The most important is, do not forget to clean your hookah after you use it if you own it by yourself. Dirt will reduce the quality of your shisha.

You can also ask shisha smokers about other tips on how to smoke shisha.

Hookah smoking is a social phenomenon, and like any social event, there are rules of etiquette.

These rules are unwritten, and are mostly unspoken; usually, they are learned by experience. But if you’ve never smoked a hookah before, it’s useful to know what you can expect.

Hookahs are smoked in groups. In fact, even a small hookah is usually too small for one person to smoke alone, and the larger hookahs, with fittings for several hoses, are actually designed to be used in groups.

Basic Smoking Shisha Etiquette

Because a shisha is considered a service device, it’s important to remember that the pipe stays on the ground.

You should always lift the hose up to your mouth, and never bring it down to you. As an aside, if you smoke cigarettes, and you absolutely must have a cigarette break, do not! light your cigarette from the hookah coal, or use the hookah tray to tap your ashes.

This is considered exceedingly rude. It’s better to just step aside from the group and smoke your cigarette. In the group, there is no set rule for who gets the next hit from the hookah.

Smokers will usually just figure this out for themselves. It’s polite to let the person who owns the hookah you’re using have the first hit.

Friends Smoking Hookah On The River Bank
group of young friends enjoying beautiful sunny day while smoking hookah on the river bank

Make sure that you only draw air out of the hose when it’s your turn to smoke. Blowing into the hose can cause air to pass up through hookah and into the coal, causing the shisha to burn.

A hookah is only designed for the air to flow through from the coal, to the smoker. A hookah is also only designed to be used with the special shisha tobacco blends.

Never smoke anything else in a hookah. These blends are meant to be drawn through the water, and, frankly, ordinary tobacco just doesn’t taste as good as the fruity shishas.

Make sure, when you’re smoking, that the coal doesn’t get too hot; if the shisha tobacco burns, it’ll taste bitter. When it’s time to pass the hookah around the group, never hand it directly to the next smoker.

You should lay the hose down in front of the next person, and let him pick it up for himself. If you’re using a one hose hookah, and everyone has their own mouthpiece, always take yours off of the hose before passing it.

If you’re using a communal mouthpiece, make sure to wipe it clean first. And that’s about it. A well prepared hookah can take quite a while to finish, even with four or five smokers, so take your time; it’s not a race, and there is no prize for finishing the bowl first.

Hookah smoking is meant be social, so make small talk, relax, and have fun. And be a part of the hookah trend.


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