Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

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The number of people smoking is currently on the rise once more.  And as more people start, even more people are attempting to quit.

Even Phillip Morris, largest manufacturer of cigarettes, has television ads about the stop smoking programs that they sponsor.

For a number of years hypnosis has been a way for smokers to kick the habit. Most people are aware of hypnosis as a way to make someone do something in front of an audience.

But, although most people find this amusing, it isn’t the extent of how hypnosis can help people to stop a bad habit, conquer fear or stress or learn and appreciate good habits.

Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapists describe hypnotism as concentrated relaxation. They believe that hypnotism allows you to get past the conscious mind which they describe as gate keepers.

The conscious mind judges, edits and grades what you think and hear while the subconscious mind is reportedly like a sponge, believing everything it hears as truth.

In other words hypnotists believe that through concentrated relaxation you can get past the gate keepers of the conscious mind and feed your subconscious the imagined reality that you are a non-smoker – thus becoming a non-smoker.

Through reprogramming you change your behavior and remove the barrier of your conscious mind

Everyone who wants to give up control of their conscious mind is able to be hypnotized. In fact there are tapes and books that teach you self-hypnosis to stop smoking.

Or you can also visit a hypnotherapist in order to receive the messages to stop smoking.

Smoking Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis will take time and practice to master. You will learn techniques to relax and then guide yourself through the images that can make quitting work.

Hypnosis to stop smoking can also be accomplished with a certified hypnotherapist who has specific training with either a single or multiple sessions.

The therapist will also make suggestions of particular physical tasks that will help to increase the likelihood of success in your quest to stop smoking.

One of the highest concerns and complaints of people who are quitting smoking is their increased stress level.

People who are quitting often gain weight because they substitute eating for smoking as an oral behavior.

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One of the other benefits of hypnosis to stop smoking is that it also addresses stress reduction and techniques to control stress which may also decrease your potential weight gain.

Hypnosis will also teach new attitudes and beliefs about smoking which can help eliminate the habit.

Hypnotherapy is compared to a pleasant state of mind that is similar to daydreaming. The ultimate effect is that you are calm and relaxed and able to disregard your normal environment.

While you are always in control and able to awaken at any time this state will increase your ability to speak to your subconscious mind and bring your dreams to reality.

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