Insanity in Cigarette Graphic Warning

Since Canada’s first pictured-warning sign in 2000’s, now that thing is spread around the globe. It is purposed to give fear effect to smoker.

Well, the cigarette graphic warning that is displayed on the packaging is far too disturbing to see.

I think this case is more problematic than it seems. It could leave a trauma to children that see the picture.

Cigarette Graphic Warning

Cigarette Smoking WarningHow if children that see the package gone mad? I mean not all children can endure the madness in a cigarette packaging right?

For the love of god. It is insanity to put them on cigarette package. Rotten mouth, foot, or lung cancer is nothing but disaster for all humans.

Smoking Warning LabelLike I have said, it could cause trauma to children. They might be frightened to go outside or having fear to human perhaps.

Based on teenshealth website, young kids often have fears of the dark, being alone, strangers, and monsters or other scary imaginary creatures.

Cigarette Graphic Warning Label

Cigarette Warning Label

It is not imposible that kids will have fear towards cigarette graphic warning. If it happens, it could lead to phobia which is the apex of a response to fear.

My point is, it is not appropriate to put scary yet disturbing graphic warning on cigarette package.

What does it mean to be human if you are losing your human sense by putting that nonsense on all cigarette package?

Cigarette Smoking Warning Label

If FDA wants to put a warning sign, just put a sentence or two sentence of smoking warning.

We have to see American Cigarette packaging design because it is more appropriate than putting horrible images on them


Look at this packaging. Clean and more normal. It doesn’t disturb anyone. Save children imagination by using this kind of packaging.

Are you sure by putting graphic warning will save the next generation? I am not sure about that.


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