Is Vaping Addictive?

Young man with custom box mode vape device vaping an electronic cigarette outdoor at beautiful place outdoors.

Since electronic cigarettes become popular, a question may arise, is vaping addictive?

Vaping generally uses electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes to inhale nicotine. While cigarettes use tobacco, vaping uses e-liquid flavors which contain nicotine. The difference lies in the process.

Since vaping is powered by battery, it does not emit noxious gases like carbon monoxide. It produces “vapor” instead of smoke. Many people believe that electronic cigarettes can be a great alternative for smokers who want to quit their habit.

However, research has found that electronic cigarettes might be as dangerous as conventional cigarettes.

The Fact about Vaping

Electronic cigarette originally created in China back then around 2003. From information which can be found online, Hon Lik, the inventor of electronic cigarettes, got the idea when he forgot to take off nicotine patches before going to sleep.

From that moment, Hon Lik invented electronic cigarettes which powered by a battery and use nicotine solution instead of tobacco.

Now electronic cigarettes are widely known around the globe. From teenagers to adults, the vapor (the name of the user of electronic cigarettes) is rapidly increasing through the years.

The reason varies from finding an alternative to quit smoking, or just switching to electronic cigarettes because they thought vaping is less dangerous.

The addiction

Nicotine is the answer to is vaping addictive. As long as it involves nicotine, the addiction still exists. Nicotine can cause to crave a smoke. The side effect is that you will suffer withdrawal symptoms if you ignore the craving.

It is highly addictive for sure. Some research suggests that nicotine is as addictive as cocaine and heroin. The bad news is when you use an electronic cigarette, you will probably get more nicotine than using conventional cigarettes.

It is because the nicotine doses can be increased by increasing the battery voltage to get a greater hit of nicotine. In addition, you can also buy an extra-strength e-liquid flavor.

In short, electronic cigarettes or vaping is as dangerous as traditional cigarettes because it still involves nicotine.

So, is vaping addictive? The answer obviously is yes. Besides being addicted to nicotine, electronic cigarettes also give bad effects to your health.

Since nicotine is a toxic substance, it can raise your blood pressure, as well as increase your heart rate.

The chance of getting chronic heart attack is real. Basically, the electronic cigarette is still bad for your health. No more questioning about is vaping addictive because the answer is obvious.


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