It's a Prank, but . . .

There are a lot of recorded prank that has been uploaded on YouTube. Started from false alarm prank, false terrorist, false beggar, etc. Prank itself is purposed to make a joke. I can say it’s a kind of practical joke. As same as verbal joke, prank also can go wrong if it’s done too much by someone. 

The video that I show you is the example that a prank needs to be considered first whether it’s offensive or not. The prank in the video is throwing stranger’s cigarette, like what the heaven dude! People smoke to relax and to chill from daily activity and this guy interrupted them and as a defense, he said “It’s a prank”. 

There should be law to limit this kind of offensive prank. It’s the right of people to smoke freely without any interruption. Though if ‘pranksters’ still persist about throwing strangers cigarette, maybe they can do that but only in no smoking zone.


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