John Lennon Smoking French Cigarette

The legendary The Beatles guitarist and song writer John Lennon known as a smoker since his young age. John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono also known as the Peace activist, and spoke in favor of an anti-war policy.

John Lennon has wrote many song both he himself and together with his the Beatles friends. One of the songs he wrote during his last period that become popular around the world is Imagine.

John also known as a smoker, according to some news, in the early of his career in the band he smokes American Marlboro.

In his last years he smoke French brands Gauloises or Gitanes, a heavy unfiltered cigarette.

John Lennon passes away because assassinated on December 8, 1980.


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  1. Like MOST ex tobacco smoker’s I am quite vocal about the issue. It’s a VERY physically and mentally debilitating habit. Stop smoking cigarettes yesterday! The physical dependency is over in FIVE DAYS. The psychological dependency is a long-term irritation. It will be better with time. When you get the urge to smoke, Google the list of actor’s who smoked tobacco. Then Google how old they are and if deceased…how they died. Nuff said.


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