Joya Copper Cigar from Joya de Nicaragua

Here are an additional line of Joya lines announced by Joya de Nicaragua, the line are Joya Copper Cigar and extended the brand family along with Cabinetta, Red, Black and Silver.

This Joya copper cigar is exclusive to Cigar International and is said to be the strongest in the line.   A full-bodied cigar Joya Copper launching one year after launching of Joya Silver.

Joya Copper Cigar

Now including five cigars in the series smokers have begun to clamor for a stronger offering—a style for which Joya helped usher in during the early 2000s.

According to Juan Martinez, Executive President of Joya de Nicaragua, Joya Copper is the result of a strong partnership is all about, that in this cigar project they are worked hand-in-hand between Joya best talent of their factory at Drew Estate and friends at Cigar International where the cigars to be sold.

The product will be showcased exclusively at the Cigars International store in The Colony, Texas on November 14th.

Joya Copper Ad

It will be available only at Cigars International retail stores through December, and then will be available on its online site beginning January 2020.

Joya Copper cigar comes in four vitolas: 4 1/2″ x 52 Consul, 5″ x 46 Corona Gorda, 5 1/2″ x 52 Robusto, and 6″ x 50 Toro.

All comes in boxes of 20 sticks.  No detail information about the blend of this cigar except that it contain of all Nicaraguan tobacco.

This Joya cigars is a reawakening for those in search of rich, complex and bold cigars to journey into a world of discovery with Joya de Nicaragua, starting with the smoothest well-balanced blends and evolving into more sophisticated experiences when have tried any Antaño or Obras Maestras products.

Joya Copper Cigars

Each cigar represents the essence of every single person that works at Joya who carries Joya de Nicaragua’s values, chivalry, humbleness and modesty.

After the success with the debut of Joya Red in 2014, the series then focused on high level of flavor and dialed back body, to attract the modern day enthusiast and as an entry point into the Joya de Nicaragua portfolio.

This description of the Joya Copper is very limited in the global type of tobacco blend, it is only said the Nicaraguan Puro for the tobacco mixed.

  • Filler: Nicaraguan tobacco
  • Binder: Nicaraguan tobacco
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan tobacco
  • Vitola: 4 ½” x 52 Consul, 5″ x 46 Corona Gorda, 5 ½” x 52 Robusto, and 6″x 50 Toro Packaging: 20-count Box
  • Factory: La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, Estelí, Nicaragua
  • Country of Origin: Nicaragua.

Joya de Nicaragua, S.A., established in 1968, is the oldest brand of cigars made in Nicaragua. The company continues …

If you are interest to know more about Joya de Nicaragua, that is a good book, title “Cico Décadas: The Rise of the Nicaraguan Cigar”.

“Cinco Décadas: The Rise of the Nicaraguan Cigar” is a beautiful book launched by Joya De Nicaragua at the 2018 InterTabac trade show on 22 September which celebrates the soul of Nicaragua and that of the people, past and present, of Joya De Nicaragua.

Pics: Drew Estate


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