Juul Stops Mint Flavored Vape

After the growing health concern over vaping due to a recent study that found mint-flavored vapes are popular among middle and high school students in US, Juul Labs announced a shocking response: It stated that it discontinued the selling of mint flavored vape.

Being one of the nation’s largest vape producer, Juul Labs had develop significantly over the past few years with its trademark flavors: classic tobacco, virginia tobacco, menthol, and mint.

Juul Stop Selling

Yet, the company’s decision to stop selling its best selling vape, mint-flavored vape, might do some damages for the company.

The new Juul CEO K.C. Crosthwaite stated that “These results are unacceptable and that is why we must reset the vapor category in the U.S. and earn the trust of society by working cooperatively with regulators, Attorneys General, public health officials, and other stakeholders to combat underage use. We will support the upcoming FDA flavor policy and will follow the PMTA process.”

Vape-related injuries in US rises rapidly with numer of injuries in US alone reaching up to 2,051 cases.

This situation has led the government to create a ban of vapes and the US government is expected to announce a temporary ban on flavored e-cigarettes as soon as this week


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