JUUL, the Practical E-Cigarettes


One obstacle that is often experienced when people want to switch to vaping is the hassle that will be faced.

The hassles include replacing the coil and cotton inside after a few days ofuse, battery charging, to variations of juices that can make you confused.

Not to mention the matter of learning to design a good and correct coil for its atomizer.

However, vape is now available with a pod system that eliminates the complicated process like mentioned above.

JUUL Pod produced by JUUL Labs has become one of the most popular vape pods and a pioneer of the vape pod system. By combining between technological innovation and good performance, JUUL can be the right choice for you who want to try vaping.

JUUL is also the most popular vape pod system in the United States. Some famous actors/actresses are often seen carrying their JUUL everywhere.

Starting from Arnold Schwarzenegger who showed off his vaping techniques on Twitter to actress Sophie Turnerwho almost always holds her JUUL in every activity.

What Is JUUL Vape Pod Type

Vape pods usually consist of two components, a battery and a liquid-filled pod. This pod then put in a battery and the vape pod can be used immediately.

One of the best pod device you can choose when you want to start is this JUUL pod.

JUUL is sold in a package containing a battery, one charger and two to four pod fruit with a variety of flavors.

Pods on JUUL have a closed system, meaning you can’t refill pods when the liquid is gone.

So what to do? You can buy other JUUL pods with a variety of flavors such as Mint, Mango Creme, Virginia Tobacco, and others. The nicotine content in JUUL pod is 59mg / mL, but in the Virginia Tobacco flavor variant also available variants with nicotine content of 3%.

Juul Device
image: Gizmodo

One pod, depending on its usage, will last for one to two day (can produce hundreds of pulls per pod). The battery itself can’t last full day, you need to fill it once a day if you use it often.

It takes about 50 minutes to charge. Comparison between using and filling is enough to meet vaping needs all day long.

JUUL has one LED light as the battery indicator. To check all you have to do is tap on the battery and the LED light will turn on. Green is for a full battery, yellow for a medium, and red means that a battery is needed to be recharged immediately.

JUUL’s Plus Point

  1. Very easy to useUsing JUUL is very easy, it doesn’t even need one minute. Open the wrapper pod, insert it into the battery, and JUUL can already be used immediately.There is no button or navigation menu that can make you confused. Practicality of use and design seem to be a very meaningful value in JUUL.
  2. Good performance JUUL becomes a very popular pod in the world. This certainly does not come by itself. What distinguishes JUUL from other similar devices is its consistent performance.We’ve tried several other pod brands and JUUL is on its own level. JUUL has automatic temperature control, a feature commonly found in vape mods with complicated arrangements.This automatic temperature control makes it possible for JUUL not to produce a burn hit (like a burnt feeling from the dry cotton) as it does with its competitors.

Feels Like a Cigarette

Liquid JUUL uses a nicotine salt based liquid. “Salt” here does not mean salt, but is a chemical term that means nikon with a positive and negative ion content.

This ion serves to smooth out the taste of nicotine so that the user will feel the sensation of smoking when smoking it.

Plus the suction technique used in JUUL is mouth-to-lung (MTL). This MTL pull is just like smoking, the user sucks it from the mouth and then into the lungs.

This MTL method is a safe method when someone starts to want to switch from smoking to vaping.

Small and Lightweight

Like other pods, JUUL pod also has a lightweight and small dimensions. Its weight is only 14 grams when the pod has been installed and has dimensions of 9.5 cm x 1.5 cm.

For comparison, the average length of a cigarette is 8 cm, meaning JUUL is a little longer but still feels like holding a cigarette.

JUUL’s Minus Point

Limited choice of nicotine levels

A closed pod system means that the user must submit to the choice of nicotine levels which have been determined by the manufacturer. One of the best-selling factors for JUUL is the high level of nicotine.

This might not be a problem for those who want to switch from smoking to vaping. However, for those who also want to reduce nicotine levels, JUUL clearly has limitations.

They only have one lower nicotine variation (1.7%) Mint and Classic Tobacco flavors.

Above is a little information about JUUL, hopefully it can add insight for you in the world of e-cigarettes or vape!


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  • Note: Due to many different charges for juul/s in the market, some need to cut by yourself to fit your charge. Update is shorter and can match the original chargers.
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