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Cigarette Lighter

As a smoker, you may once experience the difficult time in lighting your cigarettes in outdoor. It becomes worse in the windy weather; lighting your cigarette in the wind can be as hard as lighting up the girls’ mood in their PMS days (>,<).

Therefore, to keep enjoying your smoking activity outside, we recommend you 5 windproof lighters to ignite your cigarettes.

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#1 Zippo Chrome Lighter

Zippo lighter is notable for its good quality and durability. This lighter is the essential equipment for those who love hiking, camping, other outdoor activities. It can be used in every weather condition. It is made of all metal construction that makes its body tough enough for outdoor use. Its durability is really great; you just need to fill it with butane before you go, and you can use it for a long time. You can add the recommended Zippo premium wicks, flints and lighter fluid which are sold separately to get the longer use.

#2 Tesla Windproof Arc Coil Lighter

Tesla coil lighter can give you the best ignition from a single charge. It can be used in all weather conditions. This type can produce a strong flame that won't go out in the wind. Its small size, which is 3" x 1.75 x 0.5" and 3 ounces weight, makes it perfect to be in your pocket.

#3 Scorch Torch Dominator Cigar Lighter

You can flexibly control the flame if you use this Scorch cigar lighter. It is a type of butane-fuelled lighter as well as rechargeable. Moreover, it is also equipped with a standard cigar punch provision and also an automatic safety cap. Furthermore, the valve system in the bottom of the lighter can make the refill process easier. During refill process, make sure to turn its knob clockwise.

#4 BOLT Lighter USB Rechargeable Windproof Coil Slim Lighter

Just like its name, the shape of this lighter resembles USB. This Bolt lighter features the essential for all smokers, in which it has the electric coil technology that can help to light your cigarette easily in the windiest day. It is more convenient as you just need to recharge it by using the USB cable included in the package once the power dries out. Say goodbye to the complicated process of refilling and messy butane fluids. Moreover, this lighter doesn't generate a flame, making it the perfect lighter for lighting cigarettes.

#5 Jet Flame Torch Lighter

You will get a pack of five lighter if you buy this Jet Flame Torch Lighter, wherein each lighter produce different flame colors to choose. It has good durability as well as easy to refill. This lighter utilizes a standard ignition system, namely Piezo electric. 


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