List of Chemical In Cigarettes

The List of Chemical in Cigarettes that Threaten Your Health

You might curious why cigarettes are dangerous for health. What are the ingredients of this product that make it so unhealthy?

This article is about to give you an understanding of why cigarettes are dangerous by explaining the list of chemical in cigarettes.

The list below is only a few of the chemicals from 7000 chemicals found in a cigarette.

  1. Nicotine
  2. Tar
  3. Carbon Monoxide
  4. Ammonia
  5. Toluene
  6. Pesticides
  7. Arsenic
  8. and many more


This is the most popular chemical reveals in a cigarette. Nicotine is a poisonous alkaloid and it is derived from the tobacco plant.

This chemical is colorless and it gives a significant impact on the brain. Nicotine is also a chemical that makes people additive to smoke.


Tar is another toxic chemical included in the list of chemical in cigarettes. To know what Tar is, just check the sticky brown substance after the cigarettes cool and condense.

It is believed that tar is clogging the lung, it can cause lung cancer.

Carbon Monoxide

Some of the chemicals in a cigarette are odorless and colorless. One of them is carbon monoxide that coming from the smoke of the burning cigarette.

When carbon monoxide enters your body, it flows to the bloodstream. Slowly but sure, carbon monoxide is able to damage your heart and blood vessels.


Just like carbon monoxide and nicotine, ammonia is also colorless. The difference is that ammonia has a strong odor.

Cigarette manufacturers use ammonia to boost the impact of nicotine. Ammonia is also often used in cleaning and fertilizer products.


It is also believed that cigarette contains toluene. This is a highly toxic chemical that gives bad health effects. Actually, toluene is often used in some specific products such as detergents, explosive, oils, inks, and many more.


Pesticides are also found in a cigarette. It is because the farmers use pesticides to kill pests on tobacco plants.

Some of the pesticides remain on the tobacco until it becomes a cigarette. Of course, this chemical is dangerous for your body due to its function to kill insects or pests.


You will find some pesticides in cigarette including arsenic. This is also commonly used by the farmers to protect their tobacco plant from pests or insects. This chemical is often used in rat poison products.

The information above is the reason why most people said that cigarette is a dangerous product for health. Some of the ingredients and chemicals used are dangerous and not for human.

The list of chemical in cigarettes mentioned above is only a few of them. Just imagine if those chemicals enter your body every day.


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