Literally, His Art is Trash!

Cigarette Art

“… I feel like garbage. I feel like no one wants me. I can’t contribute anything. It’s super depressing time. And now, the kind of irony of everything is that… I am selling trash.”

That’s what Tyrrell Winston said in the beginning of the video. 3 minutes 53 seconds may be too short to swim into Winston’s life and his deep thoughts.

He collected trashes, one of them is the discarded cigarette butts, and turned them into such dope fine arts.

For him, collecting the ditched cigarette butts around the town is like collecting memories since people smoked them in various conditions and feelings.

“There are countless, almost infinite stories behind each of the object.” He said.

Watch the brief look from Winston’s art-making process and his lofty purposes documented by Hypebeast. Enjoy! You may get inspired 🙂


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