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Lucky Strike Bold Clove Cigarettes Review

Last many decades known unfiltered short white cigarettes named Lucky Strike and become famous when that packs of cigarette inserted at the helmet of GI Soldier on the Hollywood Vietnam War movie.

Lucky Strike is an American brand of cigarettes owned by the British American Tobacco groups. Individual cigarettes of the brand are often referred to colloquially as “Luckiest.”

Lucky Strike Bold 02

Lucky Strike was the top-selling cigarette brand in the United States during the 1930s and 1940s.

Nowadays that is a new Lucky strike Bold, a modern filtered cigarette, full flavor and taste because the cigarettes blended mixed of high quality tobacco and finest matured cloves, plus special receipt of sauce.

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Lucky Strike Bold 12 Filtered Clove Cigarette

This new Lucky Strike Bold cigarette milder within the Lucky Strike cigarettes line.  Packing in the flip-top black color box contain of 12 cigarettes, every cigarette contain of 21 mg Tar and 1.5 mg nicotine.

In Indonesia, this cigarette produced by Bentoel Group, that British American Tobacco (BAT) has a share at that group.

Beside full flavor and taste, this cigarette also slow-toasted. Lucky Strike Bold is a clove filtered cigarette; it might be an improvement of Lucky Strike Mild (?).

The taste of clove and sauce more strong than the Lucky Strike Mild, but the flavor and aroma richer.

This Lucky Strike Bold version found in the market since mid 2017. What they called as “slow-toasted” giving the cigarette richest of taste and flavor of its blend.  Beside that the selling price of this cigarette also fairs enough.

Lucky Strike Bold 01

Lucky Strike Bold Review

The cigarette stick wrapped in white color cigarette paper including the tipping paper of the filter and that is a Luckies logo and a thin line in black color.

When the cigarette take out from the box it smell of mixed tobacco, clove and sauce.

When it starts to light-up, it is a taste of sweet, spicy, and fruity sensation.

The fruity taste little bit similar with Bentoel Biru filter clove cigarette but lighter than that.

The first one-third of smoking it is taste of well-done roasted tobacco leaves, spicy of clove, fruity and cinnamon taste from the sauce.

It is a nice taste when slow puffing and blown the smoke, it is good for relaxing time.

The burn also consistent into the two-third phase of smoking.  Finally, nearly end of the smoking phase, the cigarette will more warm and the taste become little bit more strong.

For the smokers that want to try smoking clove cigarette, this Lucky Strike Bold maybe suitable. Lucky Strike Bold is not so strong, rich of flavor, light, and the taste are good.

Lucky Strike Bold

Lucky Strike is brand of chewing tobacco in the United States in 1871 from the R.A. Patterson Company.

The brand’s founder inspired by the era’s rush for gold searching. “Lucky Strike” referred to the success diggers who fortune enough to find gold.

By choosing that expression as the product’s brand, it implied consumers who have choosing the brand were lucky, as they were choosing a top-quality blend.

By the early 1900s, Lucky Strike evolved into a cigarette.  This time the Lucky Strike brand is owned by the British American Tobacco, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (only in the United States); the other owner is Japan Tobacco.

Lucky Strike Bold Clove Cigarette Review
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Lucky Strike Bold Clove Cigarette Review
Nowadays that is a new Lucky strike Bold, a modern filtered cigarette, full flavor and taste because the cigarettes blended mixed of high quality tobacco
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    As my character smokes Lucky Strikes in the early 1940s, you say they are unfiltered, and as a nonsmoker, how would one finish a Lucky Strike? As in, do you flick away the end? Is it called an end, butt etc?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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