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Lucky Strike Cigarettes


Lucky Strike is one of the oldest cigarette brands in America. Lucky Strike has become one of the most loved cigarettes brands all around the world for the last several decades.

Lucky Strike has iconic packaging that connected as pop culture for more than 50 years. Although cigarette advertising popularity has declined, many smokers are devoted Lucky Strike packs for them.

This cigarette brand has its loyal consumer.

Lucky Strike Cigarettes

The History of Lucky Strike Brands

The Lucky Strike cigarettes brand is introduced first in 1871 by R.A Patterson of Richmond,  in Virginia. At the first time, it was introduced as the cut-plug chewing tobacco and then next as a cigarette.

That company was then acquired by the American Tobacco Company In 1905. For almost 150 years, cigarettes connoisseurs continue to choose this cigarettes brand as their favourite cigarettes.

Buy Lucky Strike Cigarettes

The brand name is also associated with the gold rush and gold digger that are fortunate to find some gold that hinted with the cigarettes.

In that era, there is only some of the gold digger that fortunate to find some gold and this thing is sometimes considered as a lucky strike.

Lucky Strike Purple 04

The decision to choose this lucky expression as the product name has the philosophy as the consumer who chooses the brand is lucky as they choose the high-quality tobacco blend.

In 1931, Lucky strike becomes the brand of cigarettes that most sold in the US. Recently, Lucky strike has sold in more than 90 countries and has become one of the most cigarettes brands sold by British American Tobacco.

Its Toasted

Lucky Strike Slogan

In 1917, the brand introduces the slogan “It’s Toasted” on pack of Lucky Strikes that means information to the consumer that the manufactured use toasted method for tobacco rather than sun-dried. The toasted process makes cigarettes taste more delicious.

The momentum of this campaign comes in a year of “roaring twenties” in 1925 to 1930 where the sales of the cigarettes are doubled.

This is due to the campaign to the flavor of their cigarettes and also smart campaign to promote Lucky Strike as weight loss aid for women.

Reach For A Lucky
Reach For A Lucky (image:

George Hill, President of The American Tobacco Company, claimed he came up with the campaign Reach for a Lucky after seeing a heavy women next to a slender women smoking on a street corner.

As we know that many cigarettes companies marketed toward men, but Lucky Strike decides to gain more customers on the female segment.

In 1929, the company establish parade of “Torch of Freedom” which gives women cigarettes packs while they are parade walk in the New York City street.

The parade also as an effort to challenge gender norms as cigarettes smoking used to consider as a masculine activity. In that era, cigarettes sales are increased to 300%.

All kinds of Lucky Strike cigarettes 

There are ranges of Lucky Strike cigarettes that deliver different taste and flavor for cigarettes connoisseur. It comes from mild to strong and original tobacco taste to fresh menthol blend.

  • Lucky Strike additive free red.
    This cigarette comes with a free additive which means the tobacco mixture in the cigarettes does not contain any flavoring. The cigarettes connoisseur will taste the true tobacco flavor with the strength and taste.
    Lucky Strike Additive Free
  • Lucky Strike blue.
    This is the version of cigarettes that appear in 2009. The cigarettes launch as the brand starts to release lighter cigarettes that content with lower nicotine, which contrasts with the original one. This line has several lines include original blue, premium blue, and additive-free blue.
    Lucky Strike Blue
  • Lucky Strike Red.
    This cigarette has a unique taste with the natural flavor and roughness from the classic cigarettes that make the smoking experience becomes more pleasure and enjoyment. The cigarettes contain 10mg tar and 0.8mg nicotine that deliver distinguished aroma and gourmet taste. One pack contains 20 cigarettes and it price $40.99.
    Lucky Strike Red
  • Lucky Strike Silver.
    Lucky strike silver is awesome cigarettes that come with toast tobacco technique. The brand is equally with a huge number of brands in the market recently. This cigarettes contain with 4mg tar and 0.3 mg nicotine. The cigarettes deliver mild flavor and smooth smoke tobacco. The cigarettes are perfect for both men and women.
  • Lucky Strike Click and Roll.
    This is the cigarettes with menthol-filled sac contain that can be activated with filter clicking. When the filter gets clicked, the smooth menthol flavor will appear and this is perfect cigarettes for those who enjoy classic tobacco flavor and freshness of menthol.
    Lucky Strike Click Roll
  • Lucky Strike Double Click.
    This is the latest line from the brand. The cigarette comes with 2 capsules that blend from composition 7 pitches and 0, 6 nicotine contain. The 2 capsules in the cigarettes offer changes on the cigarettes taste depend on the sequence when they are burned.

Cigarettes Review

Most of LuckyStrike cigarettes consumer says that this cigarette comes with define taste of natural tobacco flavor.

This cigarette also comes with sweet, very full-bodied and fantastic aroma since the toasted technique improves the taste from the tobacco.

The cigarettes also come with slight sweetness when its smokes. The unfiltered gives strong tobacco flavor.

The History of The Package 

Lucky Strike Green War Effort

Lucky Strike Green has gone to war

The first pack comes from green color (green package) and that makes rumor on that cigarettes is contain with marijuana.

There is a rumor when people smoke Lucky Strike; they get what called with a lucky blow.

In 1942, due to World war, the company decides to change the pack with a white background to show more patriotic and war effort.

This white package is a smart way to modernize the cigarettes label and also to target their women market segment.

George Washington Hill the president of American Tobacco Co. at that time hired public relations expert Edward Bernays to reverse the taboo against women smoking in public, which he did successfully by his advertisement campaigns.

Due to the popularity of cigarettes, many artists from Hollywood become stars for Lucky Strike advertising.

The company advertising campaign that the quality that made from the tobacco is a higher quality that makes the cigarettes comes with better flavor.

In the United States, this cigarettes has a small base of smoker consumer. This is due to in late 2006 where full-flavored and light varieties of cigarettes discontinued in North America.

In 2007, the new package of Lucky Strike released with the design of two ways opening which it split the rest 7 cigarettes. Lucky Strike also becomes sponsorship for sports events.

Lucky Strike Cigarettes
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