M. Esteli from MBombay Tobak

MBombay Tobak best known for its MBombay and Gaaja cigar lines, for the company cigar are a way of life with a simple philosophy – use the best tobaccos to make cigars of the highest quality.

According to the company statement, MBombay Tobak cigars have an aim to emulate the fabled cigar culture of Cuba.

From selecting prime quality of tobaccos to controlling the intimate details of the aging process, they take a multiple factors into consideration to help produce a truly unique smoking experience.

Mbombay Tobak was born at the hands of a former IT professional turned cigar store owner with a passion for tobacco, Mel Shah.

So, they apply same attention to detail to each and every cigar, and have spent countless hours working to procure the finest tobaccos and produce a unique line of high-quality products.

This time, MBombay Tobak introduced their new line of product named M.Esteli – used a same name with the place Esteli of Costa Rican cigar industry places.

M. Esteli is most full-bodied cigar that hand-rolled in Costa Rica by some of the most experienced hands in the industry and feature intricate bands representative of the artistic nature of MBombay Tobak craft.

This new product is billed as a strong cigar featuring Nicaraguan HVA, Pelo de Oro & Piloto Cubano tobacco, the cigar rolled with an Ecuadorn Habano 2000 wrapper over Dominican binder and a filler blend of mostly Nicaraguan tobacco with some Dominican Piloto Cubano as well.

Habano 2000 wrapper grown on the MBombay Tobak farm in Ventana, Ecuador.  The blend also uses leaves of HVA, Pelo de Oro, and Piloto Cubano subject to longer fermentation periods.

So, the cigar is intended to be a fuller, stronger offering in the MBombay Tobak portfolio while maintaining a balance of flavor and strength.

M.Esteli comes in three sizes: Robusto, measuring 5 inches by 54 ring gauge; Toro, at 6 inches by 54; and Torpedo, 6 inches by 54. Every cigar is made with an uncut foot.

They packed in bundles of 30, but are presented at retail in a tray that displays all three sizes.

Like all Bombay Tobak cigars, M. Esteli is produced at the Tabacos de Costa Rica cigar factory in Costa Rica.

Shape: Robusto

Length: 5″

Ring Gauge: 54

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan

Binder: Dominican

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Blender: Mel Shah

Manufacturer: Tabacos de Costa Rica

Country of Origin: Costa Rica.


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