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Mac Baren Tobacco Company since 1826, this time belongs to Henrik Halberg. The company is deeply rooted in the talent and vision of the Halberg family, whose descendants have been at the helm of Mac Baren Company since 1887.

That year Mr. Harald Halberg grasped the potential of tobacco trading and decided to purchase the small factory in the city centre of Svendborg whose sign bore the name “S. Bønnelyckes Tobaksfabrik”.

The name changes into “Harald Halberg Tobacco Factories”.

It all began in Svendborg, a little town with a picturesque port in the cold water of the Baltic Sea in Denmark.

Cover Amphora Full Aroma

The small tobacco manufacturer opened in 1826, after purchased by the Helberg family.  The company becomes the biggest family tobacco business in the Northern Europe.

The family company involving son and grand children of Halberg.  The two sons are Otto and Einar, and Einar son, Jørgen Halberg.

Jørgen famous with his tobacco blend named “Mac Baren” blends, which still prove popular among the pipe smokers all over the world.

Amphora Pipe Tobacco

The company name has changed into Mac Baren Tobacco Company in 1995, dedicated to Jørgen vision and genius.

The company leads by Jørgen son, Hendrik Halberg. Hendrik is the 4th generation running the company that the company until today 100 percent belongs to Halberg family.

To spread out and increasing the company business and also extending the company portfolio, in 2013 the company acquisition Sutliff Tobacco Company, which previously belonged to Altadis USA, and acquisition of some brands of the Imperial Tobacco Group portfolio in 2015.

This time the company products is not only pipe tobacco, but also pipe tobacco blends to create rolling tobacco and smokeless products of the highest quality, which are sold in over 80 countries.

The pure Mac Baren pipe tobacco blends product starting in 1926, they still around to make the quality pipe tobacco, because of the existence and passion of the owner that they dedicated to their job and responsibility of their work with tobacco and production.

Tobacco cannot be measured or put in spread sheets; it must taste in order to make sure of the quality.  The result of their hard work is the popular pipe tobacco blend Mixture that introduced in 1958.

In 2015, Mac Baren acquired the brands Amphora, St. Bruno, Three Nuns, and Capstan. The brands of Mac Baren’s itself among others; 7 Seas lines, Amsterdam Blends, Backwoods, Choice, HH Blends, Scaferlati Blends, St. Bruno Blends, etceteras.

One of the pipe tobaccos from Mac Baren of the Amphora lines is Amphora – Full Aroma. This is one of the highest quality blend pipe tobacco that produced by Mac Baren tobacco company.

Packing in brown color 40 grams pouch and very popular in the pipe smokers society. Amphora blended in addition to Virginia tobaccos with an extra amount of Burley, Kentucky and Oriental/Turkish tobaccos from three continents to balance the blend with a result of well rounded and slow burning.

The flavor is mixed of cocoa, chocolate, floral essences, orange and raspberry, and tobacco cutting in ribbon.  If you are a pipe smoker, it is recommended to try this tobacco blend…….

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