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Magnum Filter Clove Cigarettes

This Cigarette Helps Me Against Depression!

Each of human has their own kind of depression. The depression comes from many sources, such as jobs, relationship, and many more.

As a student, I surely have faced many depressions regarding to university matters such as assignments, attendance, time, and another campus agendas. But however, each of people has their own solution.

Djisamsoe Magnum Filter


For me, the only thing to face depression is to calm myself first. The most soothing and fun way to do it is by smoking.

While fighting my depression, I’ve had many cigarettes for last 3 years because I want to explore the taste of cigarettes from different product.

I have tasted Marlboro, Mustika, Djarum Super, Ardath, Camel, Lucky Strike and many more. But I only have one favourite cigarette that always beside me when I am on my great depression. The cigarette is Magnum Filter.

Magnum Filter is another product series of Dji Sam Soe which is made by PT. HM Sampoerna. This cigarette is officially released in Indonesian market in 2011.

Magnum Filter
image: jackcigarguy

Magnum Filter Packaging

The packaging of Magnum Filter is so dope! Look at its packaging in the picture below!

Its package has black colour with no other colour except silver and white. The color, in my opinion, represents the bold and the elegance of the cigarette itself.

Well, this packaging will be looking better if there is no warning sign. At least, don’t put that trachea-cancer-man picture there. It’s so disturbing to see.

Sampoerna Magnum Filter

Beside of its packaging, the cigarette itself is so gorgeous. Beside of black, the cigarette is filled by white colour.

The tip of the filter itself is also white with silver stripes plus Magnum and Dji Sam Soe text. The diameter of the cigarette is quite wide if I compare to other cigarette because this cigarette has about 1cm wide.

Magnum Filter Taste

The taste of the cigarette is somehow unpleasant for firs-timer since any other cigarette doesn’t have this kind of taste.

When you first inhale the smoke, the heat will push inside your throat and if you haven’t gotten used to it, you will get cough. It happened to me the first time I tasted it. But anyway when your lips touch the tip of the filter, the sweetness of the paper burst out to your tongue.

The sweet taste feels like vanilla with creamy taste inside. This cigarette has a strong heat because it contains 33mg Tart and 2.3mg Nicotine.

The smoke that it produces always sooth my soul. The strong smell of the clove with cinnamon will indeed give you a relaxing chill.

It is indeed suitable for me to relieve my depression. The smoke that it produces also a lot way more ‘smokey’ than other cigarette. So, don’t inhale the cigarette deeply.

It is recommended to switch cigarette instead of consuming Magnum for a day long. It is because I felt a ‘dryness’ in my throat after I smoked this cigarette.

So I recommend you to have two kind of cigarettes. The first is Magnum Filter and the second is any other cigarette that isn’t having harsh smoke than this one.


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