Man O' War Armada

Cigar maker Abdel “AJ” Fernandez is a well known as tobacco master with a prime quality product of cigars for three generation.  Abdel grandfather started produced a cigar in San Luis, Cuba with a brand San Lotano.  Born in Cuba in March 1979, popular with Tabacalera Fernandez or A.J. Fernandez Cigars, the cigars primarily grown and produced in Nicaragua and exported worldwide.  The line of products under a variety of labels that including Diesel, San Lotano and Man O’War Armada.

Abdel has working with premium tobacco in Cuba for a long time then he moved to Estelí, Nicaragua to begin producing his own cigars.  Abdel starting producing cigar with a small quantity, rather launching his own cigar brand, he established himself as a manufacturer cigars for other companies, including for a clients like Rocky Patel, Ernie Padilla, Kaizad Hansotia, and producing ITC (Indian Tobak) 10th Anniversary.  He started producing his own blend and got a success in the premium cigars.  This time in daily operation of the business he helped by his father Ismael.

Diesel and Man O’War first sale by mail order retail for a Cigar International and its associated companies.  And then, in 2009 Man O’War introduced in the United States of America.  Within a short time this medium-to-full bodied blend cigar got a success in the market. There is a good response by a cigar enthusiast, and AJ Fernandez release two other brand in 2010, Man O’War Virtue is mild-to-medium with a claro colored leaf wrapper, and the other is Man O’War Ruination, a full-bodied product with Colorado Maduro leaf wrapper.  And then in 2011 released Man O’War Puro Authentico a Cuban-sized corona with a ragged foot.  And the super premium line called as Man O’War Armada, the best tasting cigar with a unique Ecuadorian Sumatra Maduro wrapper, blending whole new level and made in very limited quantities.

Man O’War line hand crafted by Abdel in Estelí, Nicaragua factory, carefully blended uses selected aged tobacco leafs. It is maybe because of His experience, when Abdel began working with tobacco under watchful of cigar legend Don Alejandro Robaina – Godfather of Cuban cigars.

Man O’War Armada is a special blend with much selected tobacco leafs, including a rare Nicaraguan long-fillers and binder. And as described above, a wrapper using an oily, dark, toothy Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf, which all tobacco leafs are aged and fermented to perfection.

A new standard in super-premium cigars.

Man O’ War Armada

Shape – Toro                                                   Gordo

Filler: Nicaraguan                                            Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan                                         Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Ecuadorian-Sumatra, Maduro     Ecuador-Sumatra, Ligero

Country of Origin: Nicaragua


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