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Marlboro Gold Lights


Everything visual on the package and the tube is a clear sign of premium and elegant look. Now how about the flavor? Is it also as premium as the cigarette’s look?

In terms of flavor, Marlboro Gold Lights has several characteristics that make it a unique cigarette, even when compared with other Marlboro cigarettes, especially the Marlboro Red.

Marlboro Gold Lights
Marlboro Gold Lights

Marlboro Gold Lights

Marlboro Gold Lights is known for its rich blend of tobacco variants with a significant tone-down effect to evoke its mild and light taste.

Several types of tobacco leaves exist in each tube. The first is the Virginian tobacco, which is identifiable by its characteristic sweet flavor because this tobacco variant is known to have its natural sugary flavor.

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The Virginian tobacco flavor in this Marlboro Gold is the most dominant flavor that you will taste when the smokes enter your mouth and throat, and it becomes even stronger and more stated as the smokes leave your throat and nose.

Besides the characteristic aroma of the Virginia tobacco, there is also a hint of nutty flavor that comes from the cigarette’s oriental tobacco leaves.

Marlboro Gold Light
Marlboro Gold Light

Another aroma that you will expect while smoking Marlboro Gold Light is the toasted aroma coming from its Burley tobacco, although this aroma is not very dominant.

The remaining tobacco shreds used in the cigarette tube consist of reconstituted leaves and expanded tobacco stems.

These tobacco products, though giving out a rather chemical flavor that feels unnatural, make each tube taste more luxurious and first-class.

This Marlboro Lights blend of different tobacco leaf variants gives each tube its rich flavor. It’s like tasting all kinds of tobacco leaves on earth in a single cigarette tube.

Marlboro Gold

The sauce that gives the cigarette its cocoa and spicy flavor further enriches its flavorful taste and makes smoking it a truly satisfying sensation.

Despite the cigarette’s rich flavor, Marlboro Gold Lights has always been intended to be a light and smooth cigarette.

Marlboro Gold Lights Review

So, if you compare it with bolder cigarettes, including the Marlboro Red, it always tastes lighter and milder. The cigarette’s two most prominent features, i.e. the firm filter and broad perforation, contribute to the lightening effect that makes its flavor and aroma feel milder.

The firm filter is basically Marlboro’s method to accentuate a certain flavor-related feature of its cigarettes by adding another layer to the filter.

Marlboro Light Gold

In Marlboro Red, the firm filter effectively enhances the round taste as well as the strength of the flavor.

In Marlboro Gold Light, this feature makes the flavor and aroma feel smoother and softer. The wide laser perforation of this cigarette allows more air to enter the tube when smoked, making the cigarette feels lighter without eliminating the base character given out by the tobacco blend.

This light and luxurious flavor, however, may pleasure only a limited group of people who are already fans of Marlboro Gold Lights.

Its itchy sensation, for instance, is a big bonus for smokers who love it but can never get it from a kretek cigarette.

If you love this sensation, Marlboro Gold Lights is definitely the best cigarette for you, though there is also a chance that you may hate it if you are not familiar with the cigarette’s unique features.

Marlboro Gold Lights Review
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Marlboro Gold Lights Review
Marlboro Gold Lights visual on the package and the tube is a clear sign of premium and elegant look. Click here for cheap Marlboro Gold Light
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