Mr. Brog No. 82 Hancrafted Tobacco Pipe

Most of the pipe smokers has keep in their collection of tobacco pipe a unique or classic handcrafted pipe made by the pipe artisans.

Handcrafted tobacco pipe price is vary it depends on the quality, brands and shape. And also it depend on the originally who is the makers.

Event the pipe is in category of ‘estate pipe’ (pre-owned), the pipe still have a good value in the market.

One of the famous classic tobacco pipe brands is Mr. Brog. Is the trusted brand since 1947 with over two millions tobacco pipes has been sold.

Since the pipe crated up to this day, it is still has many fans of Mr. Brog pipes.

Mr. Brog tobacco pipes handcrafted by pipe artist, lead by the artisan pipe master Zbigniew Bednarczyk. The pipe made uses of selected woods to get the best quality of products.

The variety of wood used to made Mr. Brog pipes are Briar wood, Acacia wood, Cherry wood, Morta wood, Pear wood, Rosewood and Oak wood.

Sometime the artisan’s pipe-maker uses a more unique rare wood to produce a freehand pipe and the limited edition pipes.

Mr Brog 82

The selecting of wood is affected to the different tastes, pipe shapes for different smokes and allowing a perfect match for every blend of tobacco.

Mr. Brog has made a variety size, shape, and color of pipes with their distinguished models. The pipes have a label, number and name of their freehand pipes artisans.

Among the Mr. Brog hand-made pipe, here we described for you the classic shape Model No: 82 Consul Mahogany.

Model No: 82 is a full bent shape tobacco pipe that the stummel hand-made by selected high quality Mediterranean Briar wood.

The wood is dried for two full season cycles to harden as much as possible. The stummel finished with a natural coating and carnauba wax, it makes the stummel shiny and elegance.

Hand-made Mr. Brog pipe has made in detail and smooth airflow from the draught hole into the button of the end of the stem. It is bend from the shank in the stummel, make the shape of the pipe very beautiful and easy to handle.

Note from Mr. Brog

Our goal from the start was how to be effectively producing many pipes, while keeping the cost at a minimum.  We bought the costs down while not compromising the quality of the pipe and smoke. We proudly consider ourselves the king in affordable pipe manufacturing. Being affordable also means that any individual can own a full collection of a pipe rack styles, finishes, color, etc….

Product Description

  • Shape:  Full-bent
  • Length: 140 mm
  • Height: 43 mm
  • Bowl inner diameter: 20 mm
  • Bowl outer diameter: 31 mm
  • Bowl depth: 35 mm
  • Stummel material: Briar wood
  • Stem material: Acrylic
  • Ring: Silver
  • Filter: 9 mm All Natural Components – See Asin: B00CBQ4SAE for Refills.
  • Color: Slightly vary Light/dark brown natural shiny wood.
  • Country of Origin: Poland
  • Brands: Mr. Brog

Pics: Mr. BrogPipes


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