Negative Stereotype Of Female Smokers In Asia

Being female smokers is never easy. Female is faced with irritating double standard compared to male population.

As an example, female workers often times are not being paid the same with their male counterparts when they do exactly the same job.

Female are also burdened by the pressure society gives them such as marriage and children, especially in Asia.

Female Smokers

Female Smokers Stereotype

In Asia, female smokers are attacked by negative stereotype. They are seen as irresponsible being even more than male smokers.

This is due to the fact that female typically would be pregnant and give birth to babies. In Asian culture, continuing the lineage is something sacred.

When female smoke, they are perceived as risking their precious descendants. Yet, isn’t male also have the risk of being impotent by smoking?


If you don’t believe it, just book a ticket to a country in Asia. Then, take a look around you. How do people around you react to male smokers?

They would just react normal and dismiss is as something usual. Yet, when there is a female smoker, you could see the looming stares and disgusted gazes from society pointed toward the said female smoker.

Smoking is a pleasurable activity. It can take your mind off things and let yourself relax. This is vital, especially when you have depression.

Asian Female Smokers

Smoking is one way to let loose of yourself to prevent depression. Related to this, research has shown that female is having higher risk of depression compared to men.

That is why, female smokers should not be pressured by such negative stereotype because they are more prone to depression which indicate that they need smoking even more than male.

Moreover, as what have been stated before, male also have impotency risk if they are smoking.

Female smokers should have been treated equal with male smokers. Smoking, although unhealthy, is a personal choice.

As long as smokers are aware of the risks in smoking, it is up to them–female or male– to decide to smoke or not to smoke. Society and people around us do not have the right to judge.

That’s why, next time you see a female smoker, instead of having negative thought about them, offer them a smile instead.


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