Nicotine on Tobacco

Nicotine on tobacco is commonly the bad guy that leads the user to addiction. However, nicotine is a substance that makes the user feels the good sensation in their brain. 

Nicotine contains nitrogen as well and made by several plants with tobacco as one of them.

Nicotine on tobacco is not the cause of cancer but as we have mentioned earlier, it is addictive. The most harmful effect is related to the tobacco dependency itself. While smoking could lead to death, it should have been preventable in the first place.

Fast Facts about Nicotine

Today we have seen so many forms of nicotine other than cigars. One of them is tobacco. But the most common type of nicotine is chewy gum. 

However, snorting or chewing tobacco products usually releases more amount of nicotine in the bloodstream compared to smoking.

Other than that, nicotine is as difficult as heroin to give up on. The side effects of this substance could interfere with the hormones, heart, and gastrointestinal system. 

Some research suggested that nicotine may improve concentration and memory. More than anything there are more than one billion smokers of tobacco around the world.

How the Body Processes Nicotine

After inhaling tobacco smokes, nicotine will rapidly rush into the bloodstream. Later, it penetrates the brain within 10 seconds. However, 2 hours after gets into the body, half of the nicotine will be gone. 

The amount of nicotine that enters the human’s body depends on several factors such as:

The tobacco type;

Whether or not the smoke is inhaled;

Whether or not it uses a filter and what type of filter is used;

For your information, nicotine is broken down when it reaches your liver.

Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine is quite addictive. When a person is regularly stocking nicotine to the body, this person will suddenly feel no experience of withdrawal symptoms. 

On the other hand, withdrawal symptoms include cravings, irritability, difficulty focusing, moodiness, depression, anxiety, and the sense of emptiness.

Side Effects of Nicotine

As we have mentioned at the beginning, nicotine will interfere with man organs and systems in the body. 

When people absorb nicotine, it increases the clotting tendency, enlargement of the aorta, and atherosclerosis condition. 

When it comes to the brain, it could bring dizziness, sleeping problems, nightmares, and blood restriction possibility.

Nicotine is also bringing the bad side to the brain and gastrointestinal systems. This is why you never want to deal with nicotine on tobacco.


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