Peterson Spigot Tobacco Pipe 05


This Peterson Spigot Tobacco Pipe 05 comes with a Sterling Spigot an Ebony finish and Peterson’s world famous P-Lip. The ebony finishing system on this pipe adds a glossy black finish for an elegant, fine looks.

Peterson Spigot tobacco pipe 05 is a classic design of Peterson’s pipe that mainly intended on famed ‘dry system’ pipes, since it patented in 1894.

The Peterson Spigot tobacco pipe system that is still consistent maintained by the company and top seller for Peterson.

Peterson Spigot Tobacco Pipe 05
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Peterson Spigot Tobacco Pipe

Made from selected Briar wood by an expert handcrafting, attempted Peterson’s patent design on the bowl piece.

Featuring a small reservoir on the pipe’s to discourage formation of dottle at the bottom of the bowl.

Dottle is the remaining plug of tobacco that nor burn and ashes left in the bottom of the tobacco pipe when it has been smoked.

Peterson’s Spigot series designed in honor of Peterson’s traditional sterling silver ring. A nod to soldiers who used cartridge casing to repair their pipes, the Spigot style amplifies this tradition by enlarging the traditional ring.

The dramatic silver rings are spun and chiseled in a traditional style. Each of these smoking pipe it makes a stunning and unique.


What is P-Lip?  That is a system’ pipes that original patent was issued in England and Ireland on August 8, 1890 that meaning Peterson-Lip.

It featuring a small reservoir intended to collect moisture in reaches the smoker, ‘the system pipe’ makes for a cool smoke that minimizes tongue bite, the bane of every pipe smoker.

This is a design that the worldwide reputation of Peterson. In 1898 that is another innovation from Peterson and was also patented.


The Peterson-Lip (P-Lip) mouthpiece, designed to offset the inhaled smoke to the roof of the mouth, thus avoiding tongue bite.

The famous P-Lip stem incorporated into the system pipes mouthpiece direct the smoke flow through a small hole at the top of the stem to the roof of the mouth.

Peterson Spigot Tobacco Pipe 05 Description

  • Brand: Peterson
  • Model: 05S Sterling Spigot
  • Shape: Bent Dublin
  • Finish: Ebony
  • Bowl material: Briar wood
  • Stem material: Acrylic
  • Filter: None
  • Mouthpiece: P-Lip
  • Length: 130 mm
  • Height: 49 mm
  • Bowl inner diameter: 18.39 mm
  • Bowl outside diameter: 36.34 mm
  • Bowl depth: 40.62 mm
  • Weight: 51 grams

This 05S Sterling Spigot has a various type, i.e. Silver Spigot, Black Spigot, and Ebony Spigot. Etc.

The pipe already sale in online to make easy for the customers…………

The Company

There is two German immigrants coming to Ireland from Nuremberg Friedrich and Heinrich Kapp, open the Kapp Brothers store on 53 Grafton Street, Dublin in 1865.

Later on a Latvian immigrant Charles Peterson strolled into the Kapp workshop and declared that he could make better pipes than they could.

With his imaginative flair for pipes and a craftsman’s background, later on Peterson become the third partner in the fledgling firm.

The journey of Peterson pipes has brought their position to the prime quality tobacco pipe and knowing worldwide.

Today Peterson Pipe running by new owner Thomas Palmer.  When bough the Peterson business at the beginning of the 1990s, he adopted the policy of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

Basically sticking wisely to what the business had historically been famous for, good quality, value for money, popular, classic shaped pipes.

Peterson had been around for over 120 years before he got involved so he decided to tread carefully before any real major changes.


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