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Famous tobacco manufacturer that is known throughout the world is, undoubtedly, Philip Morris.

Philip Morris began his business as a small businessman in Great Britain and these days, his company has one of the biggest shares of tobacco production in the world.

Philip Morris Usa

Philip Morris established his company in 1847. The first store was opened in London. At the beginning, he was just importing cigarettes and wasn’t engaged in their production.

Considering the increasing demand many things have changed and the company has substantially expanded, capturing USA market at the beginning of the 20th century.

First US tobacco plant of Philip Morris was acquired in Richmond.



Philip Morris Company

The process of incorporation had been started on the Richmond tobacco factory much earlier, than government expected, in 1940’s.

Excellent care about workers, top quality tobacco and modern approaches of tobacco production, rapidly increased the demand and correspondingly the sales of the produced cigarettes.

At present, the company operates in the effective old traditions of tobacco manufacturing, applying the best tobacco blends for the production of their cigarettes.

Modern approaches are used to meet the growing demand in the high-quality tobacco. Original blends improve the collection of the Philip Morris smoking products.

This tobacco manufacturer is known across the world not only due to its excellent cigarettes and remarkable advertising promotions in the past – Philip Morris is the official motorsport sponsor of the Formula One.

Philip Morris Products

The widely recognized and best-selling smoking product of Philip Morris is Marlboro cigarette brand, which is considered to be world famous, given its long road to success. Marlboro is the representative of this company.

As we have mentioned earlier, Marlboro is the largest selling brand of cigarettes on earth. Made and established by Philip Morris Company which originally was a London-based cigarette maker.

Marlboro was named after the first factory of the cigarette in Great Marlborough Street in London.

Before the 50s, this brand was considered as a brand of cigarette for female smokers. Philip Morris launched the brand in 1924 as a female’s cigarette as the slogan said: “Mild as May”.

Marlboro Mild As May

It was also due to the fact about how ladies love the filter cigarette back then and the company was trying to make a good appeal to the mass market.

Also in this era, the filter was printed in a red band around it to hide the stains of lipstick.

The logo on it also stated, “beauty tips to keep the paper from your lips”.

When the year hit 1950, he tried to change the cigarette. With advice from Loe Burnett, an advertising expert, Marlboro was changing the image into something more masculine. It also led the cigarette for men.

Even the first man version of this brand was an embodiment of brave professions of men such as a legendary cowboy, a worker, a sea captain, a war correspondent. Cowboy, later, had become a leader for the cover.

Marlboro Country

In America itself, this brand is the biggest cigarette brand until today. In 2009, the market share of this brand was higher than the two competitors’ combined.

Later, this brand rebranded the products with “Mild” or Lights” to give the impression of safe cigarettes. Since 1972, Marlboro has become a huge sponsor of motor racing.

There is a great selection of Marlboro kinds such as Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold, Marlboro Silver, Marlboro Gold Touch, Marlboro Gold Fine Touch, Marlboro Filter Plus Extra, Marlboro Gold Edge Slims and Marlboro Flavor Note.

Even so, Marlboro is not the one popular and beloved Philip Morris smoking product. Among the other well-known brands, produced by this tobacco manufacturer are:

  • Chesterfield
  • L&M
  • Parliament
  • Virginia
  • Red& White
  • Bond
  • Next


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