Pipe For Women

Even today women pipe smoker became rare, the tobacco pipe producers are still produce a special pipe for women.

As a history of women pipe smoker that was very popular in the 17th and 18th centuries, many famous painting exist in noble women of the period drinking in the smoke from a clay pipe.

Women Smoking Tobacco Pipe

In the Elizabethan times clay was quite delicate with graceful thin bowls and long stem. The Dutch redesigned these clay’s by enlarging the bowl and lengthened the stem.

Most of European pipe smoker at that period of time – especially Dutch, French and English – enjoyed where they called at that time “Indian Weed”.

For centuries the favorite way of enjoying tobacco was to smoke it in clay pipes.

Emin Pipe
Emin Pipe

Clay pipe usually in white color, with a small bowl and long stems, extremely fragile and did not last long. But, when the pipe-maker introduced wood bowl pipe with the same shape of design.

The wooden pipe became more popular than a clay pipe, because it no need to careful to handle and easy to clean. But, the Clay and Meerschaum pipe are still exist the worldwide market.

One of the favorite one and more easy to find in the market with many selected items is Meerschaum pipe.  What is a Meerschaum pipe?

Meerschaum (hydrate magnesium silicate) is a mineral found in small shallow deposit mainly around the city of Eskisehir in Central Turkey.

Originally used for carved finely detailed decorative and figural shapes.  It has been used since the 17th century and, represented the most common medium for pipes before the introduction of Briar wood as the material of choice in the 19th century.

Medet Pipe
Medet Pipe

The “meerschaum” is German word for “sea foam” in English, alluding to its natural white color and its surprisingly low weight.

Meerschaum is a very porous mineral that absorbs elements of the tobacco during smoking process, and gradually changes color to a golden brown.

The material can be carved from a block of meerschaum or made from meerschaum dust collected after carving and mixed with a binder then pressed into a pipe shape.

Tekin Pipe
Tekin Pipe

Why Meerschaum?

It is acts as a filter, absorbs tobacco tars and nicotine, and yields a most satisfying smoke. Smoke more cool and dry with a flavor unrivaled by any other pipe.

As it ages, meerschaum colors a rich honey-brown, improving both in appearance and taste. Meerschaum pipe – with a minimum of proper case – will last for a lifetime.

It will not burn out as briars wood do.  Finally, it is unique, artistic and precious.

Pipe for women produce by Tekin, Salim, Medet, and Emin are a sample of the combination between art and smoking pipe.

Both shape, color and the detail are very artistic, that’s a world class pipe artisan that producing their carving pipe for a customer satisfaction and maintaining the quality.

So… you can find the Meerschaum pipe at the popular online shop….. have a nice day….

Pic: Tekin / Medet / Emin.


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