Pipe Smoking For Beginner Tips


Pipe smoking for beginner – As a smoker, you are probably already familiar with a tobacco pipe. This pipe is one of the media that can be used to enjoy tobacco besides cigarette.

However, even though both tobacco pipes and cigarettes work by burning tobacco, it is actually different to enjoy tobacco with a pipe and cigarette. Smoking with a pipe means you are enjoying ‘naked’ tobacco.

It is because tobacco is not rolled in cigarette pipes so that you can taste the original taste of tobacco. The making process of tobacco for pipes is also different from the one for cigarettes.

Pipe Smoking Diagram

So, in order to enjoy tobacco with a pipe, you do not have to inhale the smoke to your lungs just like you are smoking a cigarette. This will only make you cough.

You just need to ‘gargle’ the tobacco smoke in your oral cavity. Moreover, you have to slowly inhale the smoke so that you will be able to taste the real richness of tobacco taste. After that, feel the after taste and smell of tobacco.

So, pipe smoking is actually about taste. You do not have to inhale it to your lungs to feel the taste. You need to use specific tobacco for pipes to smoke with a pipe. As it is said before, tobacco for pipes is different from the one for cigarettes.

portrait of a caucasian woman smoking a pipe

Tobacco for pipes is more moist and rougher. The textures of pipe tobacco are also bigger than cigarettes. So, it needs to be stored in covered storage, away from the sunlight. Because of this reason, pipe tobacco has a stronger and richer taste.

Once every 3 weeks, you must open the covered tobacco storage. This way, you will allow the air cycle inside the storage to change. Open the storage for about 10 minutes.

Just like wines, the longer you save tobacco, the stronger and richer the taste. So, it is not surprising that there are some pipe smokers who save their tobacco for years before they enjoy it. You can also combine pipe tobacco with other various aromas such as mint or vanilla.

But you do not need any essence or artificial flavorings just like in cigarettes or vapes. If you want to get a vanilla taste, soak the pipe tobacco with real vanilla for months. This way, you will be able to feel the real and natural taste.

Those are the tips of pipe smoking for beginner.


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