Pipe Smoking Tips

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Pipe smoking tips – There are quite many people who fall in love with pipe smoking. Most of them were cigarette smokers.

Once they have tried pipe smoking, they recognize some differences between pipe smoking with cigarette smoking.

They claim that smoking one brand of cigarettes with another brand has no difference. But enjoying tobacco with a pipe, more various taste sensations will be gotten.

If you are interested to try smoking with a tobacco pipe, here are some tips that you can follow.

Prepare A Glass of Water

This tip is especially for beginners. Water will prevent your mouth and throat dry as well as your tongue hurt. Some pipe smokers love to enjoy pipe smoking with a cup of coffee or tea.

But you are not suggested to do it if you are not experienced yet. Moreover, it is not suggested to drink alcohol before or during pipe smoking because it can increase the risk of cancer.

Filling the Pipe with Tobacco

It needs training to properly fill the pipe with tobacco. Because it will really affect the pleasure and comfort of pipe smoking.

Tobacco should be loose enough so that you can draw air among them as well as elastic enough to touch. Put a pinch of tobacco in the pipe bowl. You can choose to tamp it or not at all so that there is still much air among them.

Add a pinch more of tobacco and tamp it a little bit so that the pipe bowl is half-filled. Then, add the third pinch and tamp it again until 0,66 mm height is left above the tobacco.

Smoke It Slowly

Smoke the pipe with a short breathing and occasionally. Do not inhale the tobacco smoke into your lungs because it will make you cough.

Hold the pipe bowl with your fingers when you are smoking for the first time. Inhale quite often to keep the flame on, but do not let the pipe becomes too hot to hold.

Smoking with a pipe is way stronger than smoking a cigarette. So, smoke it slowly.

If the flame in the pipe is off, you just have to tamp it again and turn it on. The surface of the ash is actually useful. It does not need to be thrown out until it is thick enough to block the flame in the pipe. Those are the pipe smoking tips that you can follow.


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