Pipe Smoking VS Cigarettes Smoking

Pipe Smoking


Pipe smoking for some people is identical to smokers with high social status. Such as royals, famous artists, executives, and so on.

It is reasonable because looking at history, smoking with a tobacco pipe came from royalty.

If you know a fictitious figure written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes, you will be aware that pipe smoking becomes a lifestyle of people with certain professions just like Sherlock Holmes.

But nowadays, there are many ways to enjoy tobacco besides smoking a pipe. One of the most popular ways is a smoking cigarette.

So, what are the differences between smoking a pipe with smoking a cigarette in some aspects?


Cigarettes are definitely easy to find. You will be able to find it in convenience stores and even in small shops. This is probably the main reason why people prefer to smoke a cigarette instead of a pipe.

Because smoking a pipe relatively needs many preparations to enjoy tobacco. But according to some people who have tried pipe smoking, they really fall for it.

They mention that they are able to taste the rich taste of tobacco better than smoking a cigarette. People who prefer smoking a pipe can also differentiate the taste of various types of tobacco.

While in cigarettes, the taste of tobacco blends with the taste of manufactured cigarette papers.

Different from cigarettes, the burning process of tobacco in a pipe is not mixed with the taste of cigarette papers. This is the reason why the real taste of tobacco can be more felt.


This reason will probably never be gotten by cigarette smokers, even though this reason is not the one why they are smoking.

However, some people feel that smoking a pipe make them being in a style. They think that pipe smoking is more artistic.

For smokers whose professions require them to stay in a place for a long time, pipe smoking can be a solution.

For example, a writer who spends most of their times in front of a laptop or computer. Smoking a pipe can be an alternative instead of smoking several packs of cigarettes.

Especially, if they just want to feel the effect of nicotine in their throats. They just need to put enough tobacco in the pipe and they will be able to taste the genuine taste of tobacco.

Those are the differences between cigarette smoking and pipe smoking.


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