Pony Express, Exclusive Small Batch Cigar from Casdagli


There are Small Batch Cigar in collaboration with Casdagli Cigars based on ‘Bospoke Project‘ launched new limited edition exclusively to Small Batch Cigars based on the Daughters of the Wind lines that named “Pony Express“.

The launching of this new cigar lines happen during this year IPCPR event at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pony Express Cigar

The official launched will be this mid November as part of Casdagli Cigars USA Tour 2019 at California.

It is really limited quantity, only 333 boxes of 15 cigars in Corona Gorda vitola measuring 6 inches long by 48 ring gauge.


Casdagli brand is new name following the trade mark dispute with Alec Bradley cigars, which surrounded Bospoke Cigars use of the name Bospoke in America, the brand will known from now in the United States as Casdagli.

Casdagli brand owner, Jeremy Casdagli said he had sat down with Alec Bradley owner Alan Rubin to come to a sensible agreement.

His cigars will continue to be sold as Bospoke Cigars outside of the United States of America.

Daughters of the Wind cigar lines release at four vitolas, hand rolled at IGM Factory in Costa Rica.

Blended uses a filler of Dominican Oscuro Ligero and Peruvian Oscuro Ligero long-leaf tobacco, two binder leaves of Nicaraguan Esteli joining the Costa Rican Puriscal, and Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that adorns the rest of the line.

Casdagli has approach by the Small Batch Cigar team last year to make something special based around the ‘Daughters of the Wind’ blend. The final result is ‘Pony Express’.

Casdagli Cigars has been creating Bespoke cigars since 1997, in the recent years, though they have been focusing more on general growth and presence on all markets.

They are honored and pleased that Small Batch Cigar chose Casdagli Cigars to create one of their exclusive cigars. They very honored and pleased that Small Batch Cigar chose. It also marks the first box-pressed addition to their portfolio.

From Small Batch Cigar: The Daughters of the Wind Pony Express is a cigars hand crafted in Costa Rica by Don Olman Guzman. The blends being dominated by the rich flavors emanating from Peru, Ecuador, and Nicaragua.

“Daughters of the Wind” is a famous Arabian poem written in the 6th century inspired by the beauty of Bedouin horses. In the early 1900s Demy and Alick Casdagli purchased the Sheikh Obeyd stables just outside Cairo and became celebrated breeders of Arabian race horses.

They gained particular success with breeding the Dahman strain with a famous mare called Bint Bint Durra. The Dahman is very rare breed famed for its strength, elegance and refinement. Inspired from that story, Small Batch Cigar celebrate with the launching of a small production of cigar with those attributes.



  • Vitola: Corona Gorda
  • Size: 6″ x 48 box-pressed
  • Filler: Dominican Oscuro Ligero and Peruvian Oscuro Ligero tobacco
  • Binder: Nicaraguan Esteli and Costa Rican Puriscal tobacco.
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
  • Factory: Tabacos de Costa Rica (along with Atabey, Byron, Mbombay, etc.)
  • Producers: Jose Gonzalez Ferrer
  • Country of Origin: Costa Rica

Already available Vitolas of the Daughters of the Wind are Rabicano (Salomone), Dahman (Toro), Calico (Pyramid), Sabino (Figurado) and Cremello (Lancero).

For more information, please feel free to reach out to: or

Pics: Bospoke/Casdagli/Small Batch Cigar.


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