Popular Cigarettes Brands

5 Popular Cigarettes Brands with Amazing Flavor


There are so many cigarettes brands available in the world. Some of them are considered as the most popular cigarettes brands in the world.

The list below shows those brands and the reason why the product is so popular in the world.

Marlboro Cigarette Brand


Marlboro is the most popular cigarette brand in the world. Even, some smokers said that Marlboro is not a cigarette, it is a lifestyle.

This brand is manufactured in the United States and it has been sold around the world including European countries, India, and many more.

Besides included in the list of the popular cigarette brand, Marlboro is also one of the best-selling cigarettes in the world.

The reason why this cigarette is so popular might be because of its menthol flavor, blend, size, package, and many more.

Davidoff Classic Cigarettes


Davidoff is one of the most popular cigarettes brands in the world because of its luxury package and ingredients. Davidoff is a premium cigarette because it is made of rare tobacco.

Because of that, the flavor is also great. Smokers believe that the flavor of Davidoff is different from any other cigarette brands. Nowadays, you can try the classic, menthol, slims, and mild flavor.

Just like Marlboro, Davidoff is also a best-selling cigarette brand in the world.

Cigaronne Cigarettes


It is an eye-catching cigarette because of its extraordinary size. Cigaronne is made in 120mm long and it is longer than the standard size of cigarettes in the market.

Of course, this cigarette is not only popular because of the size but also because of its flavor and smell. This brand was founded in 1999 in Armenia.

Camel Cigarettes


Camel was founded in early 1913 by RJ Reynolds Tobacco. It is considered as one of the most popular cigarette brands because of its affordable price.

Despite the affordable price, smokers love this cigarette because of its smooth taste. The taste is so good because it is made of a mixture of Virginian and Turkish tobacco.

Newport Cigarettes


Newport published in the cigarette industry in the 1950s. It is another American cigarette brand. Interestingly, Newport is also produced by RJ Reynold Tobacco.

The special part of this cigarette is on its unique flavor along with strong menthol flavor. Smokers really love the menthol flavor that it seems no other menthol cigarette.

Those are five popular cigarettes brands in the world. They are popular not only because of the package but also the flavor and high-quality materials.

So, is there any your favorite cigarette brand on the list?


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