Poul Winslow Pipe

Poul WinslowAt the tobacco pipes shop showed a beautiful bright color with an artistic shape carver tobacco pipes coming from Denmark it must be Poul Winslow pipes.

Yes, it is a handmade high quality tobacco pipe popular with a Danish freehand style with a unique shape.

POUL Winsløw born in 1951, he is working for a famous Danish free-form style pipe artisan Preben Holm since he is 17 years old, with the last position as head-assistance.

During he is working with Preben he learns, exploring his talent, and got an experience in making and carving and hand-made tobacco pipe. 

Poul Winslow made his own pipe after he ended a military duty – at that time Preben pipe factory has closed – at his workshop at his home.

He knew the market demand of what kind of tobacco pipe after he is joints some exhibitions abroad with Stanwell. He renovates new workshop and more seriously making tobacco pipe.

Poul Winslow makes a pipe use of elaborately wrought ornamentation in silver, gold, different wood, horn, bone, and acrylic.

All his pipes are fully handmade with premium briar wood.  The product has a typical character – shape, ring, and the finishing.

Due to the quality of Winsløw pipe products, Dunhill group distribute these top-of-the-line pipe products to Germany and other European market, and also to the United States of America through Lane Limited, also part of the Dunhill group.

Poul Winslow Preben Holm and Danish Design

In the sixties era, Preben Holm an artisans pipe maker than makes Danish design pipes become famous.

Most of his pipes are sold in United States, he aware and knowing what the costumer looking for on pipes.

At his young aged he already success in the pipe producing business.

But, the market in US become slow down and even drop in the early of 1980s.

It makes Holm rather pessimist with the future of his factory, he close his workshop in 1985.

Finally he passed away in 1989 at the age 43 years old.

When the market situation began slowly down, in 1983 Preben wrote a book about his autobiography that published by T.P.S.E. in 1984.

In that book he tells a story about his long journey in the pipe industries, including the story of his talented pipe carver that he recruited since the teenage and become his head-assistant, the boy name was Poul Winsløw.

Poul working with Preben from the bottom that did not involved in the production.

At the short time Preben trust him to work in the production line, in this part Poul showing his ability, and Preben satisfied with what Poul do the job.

Within a few years Poul become the head-assistance to Preben Holm.

Poul left the factory due his military services duty, and promises will return to the job after the duty is finish.

But, when Poul back from a vacation in 1985, he found that Preben Holm factory has closed. This situation without a job makes Poul thinking hard what he should do next.

He decided to try making his own pipe by opening a small workshop in his house in Hvidovre, a southern suburb of Copenhagen.

It is hard beginning, but later he got a help from Stanwell, the biggest Danish pipe-factory, to joint with Stanwell in some exhibitions abroad.

At this moment Poul meet with some with some people of the pipe business, that is an important moment for Poul, even at that moment he not allowed to sell his own pipes.

Renovate the house workshop

Due to the opportunity in pipe production business, Poul become more seriously to managed his workshop at his house. He re-builds a small workshop for pipe production in the garden of his house, for him and two assistants.  From this workshop he able produces at least 900 tobacco pipes a year.  He sells his products not only in Denmark, but also too many other countries.

Price and Quality

The original Winsløtobacco pipes price is rather expensive, due to the crafting quality and the materials.  But Winsløalso produce tobacco pipe with a fair price without reducing the quality at all. From some year ago they are producing the fair price pipe called as Crown Pipe. The material is the same Corsican briar wood, with less dense grains and potential.  The wood sorted upon arrival at the workshop. For the stem/mouth-piece, not a hand-cut acrylic as the original Winsløw pipe, but with the other approach of finishing. The quality is very good as an original one.

Pipe Identity

To identify the Winsløpipe, the early edition is stamped with block-letter Winsløname or in oval stamp, and one silver dot on the stem. The latest one is changed by using a symbol of pipe and Winsløw in small block-letter and two dots in different size.

For the best quality it is marking with PC (private Collection), and other marking “A”, the other quality marking with letter A-E.

Finally, that is a handmade wooden tamper deliver with every Winsløpipes, and also black leather pouch with Winsløname in gold color and the tamper also got a little leather cover of its own.

Poul Winslow Pipe

Contact Information:

  • Poul Winsløw pipes
  • Website: Winsløw Pipes
  • Strandovej 39
  • 2650 Hvidovre
  • Denmark
  • Phone: +45 3649 4149
  • Fax: +45 3649 0071
  • E-mail:

Pics: Poul Winsløw


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