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One of the great Danish pipe tobacco brand is 4th Generation, the oldest tobacconist in Denmark that first opened in 1882.

The company running by Erik Peter Stokkebye family, up to present day they maintain the quality of products for the customer satisfaction.

From so many pipe tobacco produced by 4th Generation, one of them is “1882 Founder’s Blend”,

Erik Stokkebye English type blends of Oriental, Latakia and Old Dark fired, that cutting in coarse cut.

This medium taste tobacco with the rate 4 of 5 strength, packaged in tin with white color. Erik has tapped into his family history, and his own encyclopedic knowledge of pipe tobacco to create these wonderful blends, which are tribute to four generations of pipe tobacco heritage.

The 4th Generation brand uses strictly selected quality tobacco leaves to create a variety of tastes. Latakia and the excellent Oriental leaf enriched by sweet, matured flue-cured and robust dark-fired Kentucky, produced nice aroma and very good of taste. It will give a pleasure for the pipe smoker’s experience.

To maintain the company reputation, 4th Generation brand always uses superb quality tobacco to create a variety of taste, which is to serve a satisfaction of any pipe enthusiast.

Beside the pipe tobacco, the company also producing a beautiful and high quality Danish-made tobacco pipe and leather goods.

That making the 4th Generation tobacco brands a complete one-stop shopping experience.

This is the right place and great choice for any pipe-smoking enthusiast during visit Denmark.

The history

The company of 4th Generation began in 1882 when Erik Peter Stokkebye opened a tobacco factory and shop in Odense, Denmark.

The family has a long journey and enjoyed association with pipe and tobaccos.

Erik Peter’s grandson, name also Peter, learned the art of blending tobaccos into pipe, roll-your-own (RYO) and cigarette blends while working for companies such as Universal Leaf and L’Orange.

Peter founded his own tobacco factories and create some of the best RYO and pipe tobacco blends (one of the famous product is Amsterdam Shag), Turkish Export, PS-24 Nougat and PS-17 English Luxury.

Peter is representing the existence of the third generation of the Stokkebye family in the tobacco business.

The fourth generation in family is Erik Michael Stokkebye. Y

oung ambitious and hard workers. He moved to the United States to oversee the family’s distribution network as one of the company’s most important markets.

To commemorate his family’s long history in tobacco business, in 2012, Erik made a plans to launch a series of special pipe tobaccos for American market.

The series will made in various blend, that each blends would be named to honor the history of the family journey in the tobacco business.

There are; to remembering the historic milestone in Stokkebye tobacco history, “1885” for the year of his grandfather ‘Erik Stokkebye’ born; “1882 Founders Blend” given for the year of Erik Peter established the family’s first tobacco shop; “1897” given for the birth year of Erik Paul; “1931 Flake” for the year of Peter’s birth; and “1957” for Erik Michael’s own birthday.

Those series release in 2013, later it has two more blends: “1966” given in honoring the birth of Erik brother, Lars Christian; and “1982” for commemorating the company 100th anniversary.

Erik personal favorite, 1957

This 1957 is one of the commemorate series pipe tobacco from 4th Generation, blend by Erik Stokkebye from Black Cavendish, light brown Burley and bright Virginia tobaccos, to create perfect harmony.

Cutting in ribbon cut with creamy vanilla flavor of naturally sweet tasting blend.

Erik Michael’s idea of releasing a series is not only in the pipe tobaccos, but he also dreamed to release a series of pipes that would also honor to his family.  That’s we will write in other story.

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