Djarum 76 Filter Gold

Rp489.000 /carton

Djarum 76 Filter Gold is a premium quality cigarette from PT Djarum. It is a machine-rolled cigarette kretek.

Just like any other Djarum 76 series, Djarum 76 Filter Gold is made of high-quality ingredients such as Srintil tobacco as well as a variety of exotic Indonesian spices.

One of the strongest characters is on the gold package. The gold package represents the premium quality of the cigarette kretek.

Djarum 76 Filter Gold is the first full flavor cigarette kretek along with delicious and strong flavor from the natural ingredients.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 12 (total 120))

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Product description

Djarum 76 Filter Gold is classified as a full flavor cigarette kretek. This cigarette is perfect for smokers who love to smoke while smell the strong flavor of the tobacco. The tobacco smell stays longer in your body and mouth.

Djarum 76 Filter Gold introduced in October 2011. This cigarette kretek was produced to give a new alternative for Djarum Super lovers. The strong flavor and smell make smokers want to smoke this cigarette kretek over and over again.

The taste might be a little bit different with the original Djarum 76 but it doesn’t lose the character of the original taste. Djarum 76 lovers who likes filtered clove cigarette kretek loves this.

Just like any other Djarum Super Series, Djarum 76 Filter Gold has a simple and elegant package.

By the time you check the product will know that it is Djarum 76 Filter Gold because the package has a big and clear logo.

You can feel the excitement and new smoking experience even before burning the cigarette. When you open the package, it smells something fruity.

You might not taste the fruity flavor in your first smoke but you will taste it after the second or third smoke. The aroma is the mix of fruit and bubble gum.

Djarum 76 Filter Gold has a fruity aroma and taste because Djarum uses fruit essences such as berry, pineapple, jackfruit, and thorny palm. This is also the reason why this cigarette kretek tastes sweet.

The spices are also strengthening the aroma and taste. It is the combination of traditional Indonesian spices and liquorice. Srintil tobacco which is one of the best tobacco in Indonesia keeps Djarum 76 Filter Gold has a unique aroma.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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