Djarum Black Menthol

Rp569.000 /carton

Djarum Black Menthol combines the richer and stronger menthol sensation to get a more refreshing smoking sensation.

Its kind of new innovation about Djarum Black and this product was infused with special and stronger menthol taste for best menthol smoking experience suit with your lifestyle.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 16 (total 160))

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Product description

People always enjoy tobacco for some reasons and encourage the inner part of their bodies. No wonder that they are very familiar with Djarum.

PT Djarum is the Indonesian cigarette company and it was established since 1951. Djarum has a savior image and various tastes and being creative. The achievement of long-term profits proved as the existence of the company always maintained.

However, the company still gives the best taste for their loyal customers. They offer you with different tastes based on your personal preference.

Djarum Black Menthol is relative newcomer in terms of a medium grade for full-flavor SKM (machine rolled clove cigarettes) in Indonesia which offers you with more pronounced menthol sensation.

In this case, this product was launched around 2009 where at the time Djarum Company trailed the latest type of Djarum in the Full Menthol Medium Flavor segment at that time.

This brand has the slogan “I’ve got the power” indicates that this menthol cigarettes are not just ordinary menthol kretek product.

With the existing blend of Djarum Black and the power of menthol inside this package make this brand does not have any competitors in this segment.

Black Menthol

Djarum Black Menthol then changed its packaging around 2012 with a change in the corner of the package with a gradation green effect shows that this brand is a menthol clove cigarette and distinguishes it from other packages.

In this case, this cigarette was created specifically for those who demand the Djarum Black taste but still craving for cold sensation effect.

This cigarette still exists until now since the presence demand even though kind of limited. Although Djarum Black was said to be the best performing portfolio abroad, Djarum Black’s sales tend to be limited.

At this point, Djarum Black Menthol may look as the flavoring point for the Djarum Black. Even the sales are currently limited, but it is still produced since the demand for this cigarette tends to be lower than other Djarum product variants.

The price is pretty affordable with a quantity of 16 cigarette sticks.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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