Djarum Coklat Extra

Rp458.000 /carton

Djarum Coklat Extra is an unfiltered kretek cigarette that is hand-rolled and wrapped in the all-natural brown and aromatic cigarette paper.

Djarum Coklat Extra is a blend of top-grade Srintil tobacco and tree-ripened cloves that gives a rich, delicious, and fragrant aroma.

It also includes a flavor seal that can lock the taste until the last moment.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 12 (total 120))

Product description

Djarum Coklat Extra is the first line extension that is made by PT. Djarum in Kudus, Indonesia. This kretek cigarette was launched in 2010 with the target of 18-30 years old who are seeking for something different and energetic.

Not only that but the packaging of this Djarum Coklat Extra also becomes the main focus. The packaging is made from the best hardpack by using aluminum foil which functions as a way to preserve the aroma and taste.

Also, the unique cigarette paper in natural brown color becomes the reason why the modern younger ones love this hand-rolled kretek cigarette. With the right and modern marketing, Djarum Coklat Extra can be the first product of Djarum Coklat series that uses a new logo.

However, in the middle of 2014, there is a new regulation about the Picture Health Warning or PHW. Hence, Djarum begins to change all of the packagings of their cigarettes.

Not to mention, most of the people in Indonesia prefer to consume machined kretek cigarettes rather than hand-rolled kretek cigarette. This kind of thing makes Djarum Coklat Extra becomes almost extinct goods.

Nevertheless, Djarum does not stop trying to make new innovations with Djarum Coklat Extra. By using all-natural and aromatic cigarette paper along with the modern and youthful packaging, this kretek cigarette can stay to become the favorite kretek cigarette among the younger ones.

Djarum Coklat Extra – 12 Kretek Filter with 38mg tar and 2.4mg nicotine.

Made by PT. Djarum, Kudus, Indonesia.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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