Dji Sam Soe Super Premium

Rp582.000 /carton

The super-premium sensation is not only from the taste but also the package. The black color package shows its elegant and luxury model.

The taste is unique because it is not only offering spicy flavor but also sweet flavor. Indeed, you want to smoke Dji Sam Soe Super Premium cigarette over and over again after your first trial.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 12 (total 120))

Product description

The Dji Sam Soe Super Premium cigarette boosts your confidence while smoking in front of your smoker friends. This cigarette has a super-premium package that looks elegant and manly.

The manufacturer uses a black color for the package along with gold for the letter. This combination is an elegant and glamour model that triggers curiosity.

Sampoerna also covers the cigarette with a gold foil and black warp to keep the smell and flavor.

You just need to rip the black wrap and remove the gold foil before smoking the cigarette. What a premium package, isn’t it?

The taste is also unique and premium due to the use of high-quality tobacco, cloves, and herbs. The combination of the tobacco, cloves, and herbs produces strong spicy flavor in your mouth along with a little bit of throat hit sensation.

The unique part is that you will also taste the smooth sweet flavor. The sweet flavor is coming from the licorice and the natural taste of the tobacco.

The manufacturer also adds cocoa, vanilla, and inverted sugar to boost the sweet flavor and good smell even before burning the cigarette.

The good smell will make you want to burn the cigarette immediately. Dji Sam Soe uses special cloves that have been processed for 6 years to improve the quality.

You will not cough at all during the smoking period although it produces strong spicy taste. Even, it gives a warm sensation in your throat and chest.

You should try to smoke Dji Sam Soe Super Premium in cold weather because it makes you feel better and warmer.

Indeed, you will enjoy a cigarette with a great taste and unique sensation in any condition whether when you enjoy it alone or with your best smoker friends.

12 Dji Sam Soe Super Premium cigarettes are enough to enjoy while gathering with your friends for a few hours. Due to the taste, Dji Sam Soe Super Premium can be your new favorite cigarette.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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