Dunhil Fine Cut Mild Ultra

Rp579.000 /carton

Dunhill Fine Cut Mild Ultra is the best Kretek cigarette brand in Indonesia. It has many innovations that put this product above the other product in a similar category.

The reduced-smell feature allows you to enjoy this cigarette without worrying about the smell that lingers on your clothes or breathe.

Moreover, the sweet and strong taste also is a perfect flavor for a smoker who needs an unforgettable smoking experience.

Try it now and enjoy this amazing quality of Dunhill cigarette series.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 16 (total 160))

Product description

Dunhill Fine Cut Mild Ultra is the first project from Dunhill to create a different and improved product for their Kretek series.

This product, that’s more known as Dunhill Ultra, has a different design compared to the standard Kretek Low Tar Low Nicotine series from this brand.

Dunhill Ultra 00

The size is much smaller and the length is much shorter. Therefore, this cigarette is also known as the “Compact Format” cigarette.

Dunhill also uses new technology to design the paper used for wrapping the tobacco and other ingredients in this cigarette. This new technology becomes the first applied to the Kretek type cigarette in Indonesia.

This new technology is called Reduced Smell Technology which has a function just like its name implied. You won’t need to worry about the smell after you smoke this cigarette. This is also one of many reasons why this product becomes the best Kretek cigarette in Indonesia.

Reduced Smell Technology is the main feature of this cigarette. This feature gives this cigarette a big change, including improving its quality and class.

If the old Kretek cigarette has an image of dirty cigarettes, with this new change, Dunhill has successfully made kretek cigarettes into a more classy and elegant type cigarette.

This is also another way Dunhill use to aim for a bigger market, and they are successful with this product.

If you see the packaging, you can find the unique words, “A New, Improved Mild Experience”. This is the true statement that you will get when you smoke this product.

The taste gives you strong and different taste which you won’t find on other Mild type cigarettes. So, if you want to know the true taste of premium class kretek cigarette, you can try Dunhill Fine Cut Mild Ultra. You will get one of the best smoking experiences with it.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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